FrontierVille Four Basic Tips For New FrontierVille Players

FrontierVille Four Basic Tips For New FrontierVille Players

There are four basic tips for the FrontierVille game and new players should all be working towards understanding and mastering them. Here I have put together the tips and tricks for new players or those having trouble moving up the levels.

If you have played FarmVille then you will have noticed that FrontierVille is similar. However, it does have a certain player skill level that most of Zynga’s games do not have.

Frontierville, is similar to Farmville in a lot of ways. However, it requires a level of skill that the other games from Zynga never did – a balance of numerous factors that are necessary to build the perfect balance of spending, time investment, and fun.

Here are four of the most common elements in the game that you’ll want to master quickly to find success in Frontierville.

FrontierVille Energy

Want to be successful? You need energy!

Energy is used to perform every action in the game – from killing a varmint to planting a crop. You’ll need to continuously replenish your energy stocks if you want to be successful, using food or simply resting to get it back. The food will need to be carefully managed to boost your energy only when it’s needed.

Of course, food is tough to find, so you’ll need to carefully measure you crops and gather fruit from trees whenever available. Of course, you’ll also need to eat it, but only as much as is needed to maintain your energy levels.

FrontierVille Buildings

Building things is also crucial to playing the game. Wood is used to build almost everything you need which is why to win it is important to pay attention to the size of the trees in the game. The size of the tree signifies how many chops with an axe are needed to harvest all of the wood.

FrontierVille Currency

Coins are the primary form of currency – they are earned for selling crops, gained for performing tasks, and spent on things like food and upgrades. You’ll need lots of them both for quests and for buying supplies for your town.

However, there are also experience points – another common aspect of all social games. You’ll need to gain these as you level up to showcase your abilities and work towards beating the game. You can find out how many experience points you have by looking at your toolbar. The information in the Frontierville toolbar will tell you how many more Experience points you need to level up.

The premium currency in Frontierville is the Horseshoe. These work the same as Farmville Cash and allow you to buy premium upgrades, high quality food, and other items that are not available unless you spend real world cash.

FrontierVille Neighbors

Nothing is more important than neighbors- a common factor in all social games. Not only do your neighbors offer ways to boost your reputation and receive gifts, they make the game more fun as you interact with real world friends and family members. If you want to be successful in this game you need to have a lot of neighbors on hand.

Make sure you choose the right neighbors too – you want people who play often, reciprocate gifts, and are at your level so you can gain the benefits that come from spending time with them.

FrontierVille Game Guide

Frontierville is significantly more complicated than any game to come before it from Zynga. Some players scoff at the complexity, but many others are excited to be challenged. If you’re among the latter, learn the basics well and have fun with the biggest and best social game yet.

FrontierVille Tycoon is full of all the tips and tricks to help you in this game. Take a look at a review of the guide and see if you might help you in your game.

FrontierVille Game Guide

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