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Gangster City Facebook Game Collections Need Items

Gangster City Facebook Game Collections Need Items?

Are you hooked on completing one or more of your Gangster City Collections? If so I have some tips about collecting items in the Gangster City game that you will find helpful in boosting your collection.

As you know there are plenty of available collections to complete in this game, and once completed each offers a different reward. 

Collection Items are available to you when visiting associates, doing jobs and completing daily tasks (like logging in every day for X amount of days in a row). 

Jobs: When you choose a job look at the chest at the bottom of the screen – it will show you what you can get from completing the job. Bummer is you may not always get the item! But, you do have a higher chance especially if you are playing the game frequently. 

Trade In Your Gangster City Collection For Bonuses 

When you complete a collection, you then get the option to trade it in for a bonus item. Bonus items help you play the game better so it is well worth trading in. One nice thing is the boost to your attack and or defense rating. You could also choose to split the bonus and take a half boost on each (attack and defense) – this is a great strategy to keep balanced. 

Early on in the game these bonuses are a very nice boost however they really come into play as you move up to some of the higher levels and are necessary if you are serious about successfully completing anything high value. 

Gangster City Collections – What Can You Collect 

The quick answer is anything that is related to the Gangster game at some point will show up in collects.

The main collections include weapons, paraphernalia, gear, equipment, and car parts. Your aim is to get a nice variety so you can complete them and start earning the extra bonuses as early in the game as possible. 

Collections are becoming a more and more popular part of every Facebook game and in Gangster City, they are a vital part of the gameplay. You need to learn how to master the collection of items, without wasting any jobs and without spending too much cash or Playfish Cash to get there. The bonuses you’ll receive are well worth the extra work that will go into doing this, and by the time you reach a higher level, you’ll never be able to benefit from the game if you don’t play it with collections in mind.

Gangster City Secrets All The Help You Need 

Collections are just a small part of playing the Gangster City game and of course, your overall aim is to move up the levels and make cash without having to pay real money for it. Of course, there are many aspects to this fun game and having a comprehensive game guide with tips for all the levels and a free Playfish Cash guide is going to ensure that you are never again stuck on a level, nor make costly mistakes. 

I got hold of this new guide and reviewed it for you here

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Gangster City Facebook Game Property Tips To Use Now

Gangster City Facebook Game Property Tips To Use Now

I am sure by now you have realized how important properties are in the Gangster City game. If not then you should! Make sure you are utilizing the properties available to you especially in the lower levels; Kick’s Café, Horse’s Head Bar and the Gates Motel all should not be over looked. Failing to buy and protect property will affect your game play as you move up the levels, and here is why. 

Property that you purchase, maintain, and keep will make a big difference to:

  • How successful you will be in the higher levels.
  • Adding Associates
  • Developing a larger cash flow

Failing to correctly manage your cash flow and properties early on in the game will make it harder for you to hold onto the properties in the higher levels. 

How To Get Started With Gangster City Properties 

As I mentioned earlier in the Gangster City lower levels, you will have access to Kick’s Café, Horses Head Bar, and Gates Motel. You first will need available cash to buy the property you want and of course doing  jobs will get you the initial cash. 

But, this is where the beauty of owning properties comes in, your new property will produce income for you. Of course, jobs will always be one of your best ways of making cash but properties are a great supplementary income. 

  • Properties pay out every 8 hours (after they are established)
  • You must keep playing to keep your energy level up
  • You need to login at least every 8 hours to collect your property cash earnings 

Upgrading Your Gangster City Property 

There are ways of increasing the cash you earn from your properties and one of the ways is by upgrading them. 

When you first buy your property, it will be at the basic income level. Reinvesting in your property will eventually mean you will earn more cash from it over time. 

For example, let’s say you have just purchased the Gates Motel. 

Currently your Gates Motel will make you $1056 every 8 hours.

Spend say $25,710 at level 15 to upgrade your Gates Motel 

Your Gates Motel is now making $2678 every 8 hours

Level 24 upgraded again for $114,410 

Your Gates Motel now making $5376 every 8 hours

See how the upgrading will make a huge difference to your cash flow. Every property in Gangster City will allow the same upgrades. 

So make sure that as you level up, to set aside the cash you will need to make upgrades to your properties insuring you will be getting the higher income rates, providing you will a nice stash of cash. 

Gangster City Property Recap

  • Log in at least every 8 hours
  • Do your jobs
  • Collect your property income
  • Reinvest in your properties

Gangster City Balancing Your Income Sources 

Seems nice and easy on paper but in reality this is a real balancing act between your income sources, reinvesting in properties, doing the jobs and logging in often enough to collect the cash. 

Any Gangster City player who can correctly balance their game play will defiantly move up the levels faster and make more cash than those of you still flounder around without guidance. 

Gangster City Secrets Guide Will Help 

With the recent release of the Gangster City Secrets Guide, it is now much easier to balance your game play. This guide will help you play infinitely better, level up faster, get more coins, and have fun while doing it. You will also be confident that when you are playing Gangster City you are doing exactly what you should be doing on each level. 

If you are like me and love this game and want have all the secrets and tips for the Gangster City game play, you should consider checking this guide out for yourself.

You can read my review of Gangster City Secrets here

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Gangster City Players Buying Playfish Cash

Running out of Playfish cash is a pain in the butt in all of the Facebook games and Gangster City is no different. Without enough cash, you can easily be stuck on levels trying to build a reserve. I know I have!

It seems like I always need more Playfish cash in Gangster City. 

Oh, what about the temptation to buy some Playfish cash with real money? It is a carrot on a stick in front of you each time you need cash for something, eventually people cave in and go for the quick easy fix.

Others are searching the internet for cheats to get them cash. I have done both. 

I was determined not to hand over any more money to playfish, really I don’t want to get a second job just to play a game! So, I went to this site Gangster City Secrets Guide and found out the guide is on sale – some sort of introduction price – cheaper than buying points and a one off layout, I couldn’t resist. 

Just think I nearly paid out for Playfish cash but it is much easier to follow my guide and quickly earn the cash. 

If you are tempted to buy Playfish cash, then look at Gangster City Secrets first. I found it packed with loads of tips and strategy and it comes with a free bonus Playfish Cash report – all for a lot less money than buying Playfish cash. 

For those of you that like to read a review first, here is a link to our review Gangster City Secrets Reviewed By Gamers

Looking for Gangster City Game Cheats, Bots and Hacks

Looking for Gangster City Game Cheats, Bots and Hacks

You are not alone, there are hundreds of searches every day for hacks, bots, and cheats for all the Facebook games, and Gangster City is not any different. You can find some cool ones on the internet and I must admit I admire the guys that spend time creating the scripts. But why are they in such demand, why are you looking for cheats, hacks or bots for the Gangster City game? 

When you think about the demand for cheats, it is a little odd that we actually need cheats for what are really quite simple games. 

But, getting through the levels can be both time consuming and expensive, so not surprisingly the most searched for cheats are to save time and earn coins faster. 

Shh…Umm I have downloaded hacks for a couple of games, but not for the Gangster City game but must admit I was very tempted. 

The only bummer with doing this is that you can easily get banned from the game. Not such a biggie if you have only just started your game – you can just register under another name. But not so much fun if you had managed to move up the levels and already have a nice stash of cars, guns etc. 

One thing about Gangster City is that I have set my goals on trying to move up to the levels with the top players. I tried in Mafia Wars, but to be honest I got in too late and there were already hundreds of top bosses dominating that game. This is one of the reasons for searching for a cheat or two. 

So, seeing as Gangster City is a new game I got kinda excited when during one of my crazy internet searches I found out there was a guide for the game! Who knew? I didn’t! 

Gotta tell you I got hold of Gangster City Secrets with the Free Playfish Cash report, now I can get on with playing the game and maybe just maybe stop searching for cheats and hacks! A lot of the tips in this guide work so well that they feel like cheats, so my strange inner desire to beat the system is after all being met. 

Here the link to the site I have used before to read game guide reviews. Gangster City Secrets Facebook Game Strategy Guide Review 

Gangster City Secrets Guide Review click on this link

Hope it is still at the lower price for you guys!