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How to Make Coins with Mystery Boxes in Pet Society

How to Make Coins with Mystery Boxes in Pet Society

Mystery boxes in Pet Society tips

Author: Karen

Mystery boxes are fun and always changing in the Pet Society game. They are also very important in almost every aspect of your game play. If you are serious about rising up the levels and ranks then you will need to learn how to buy and sell the contents of MB’s.

From the most basic coin making methods to the more extreme traders and collectors, MB’s are a prime piece of currency and can be used to your advantage.

You will not going to get to the top of Pet Society in coins of levels until you have spent some time figuring out how to integrate these seemingly simple purchases into your game play.

What Mystery Boxes Are There?

There are three basic types of mystery boxes – each of them different in size and contents. Then there is the Toy Mystery Egg

Red Mystery Box (RMBs) = 50 coins from the mystery store = worth up to 200 coins = re-sell value up to 66 coins

Blue Mystery Box (BMBs) = 200 coins from the mystery store = items up to 1000 coins = re-sell value up to 333 coins

Golden Mystery Box (GMBs) = 500 coins from the mystery store = items up to 3000 coins = re-sale value up to 999 coins

Toy Mystery Egg (TMEs) = 350 coins from the mystery store = collectable toys and scenes = can not be gifted

The contents of the Mystery Boxes changes often and sometimes items are discontinued.

How Do You Make Coins with Mystery Boxes?

Because the highest you can resell anything back to the shops for is 999 coins – one third of the value of the 3000 coin items, you can make a profit with any of the three boxes. The key here though is to find items that are going to be popular with your fellow players. You can often make a nice profit by reselling items back to the shops, but more often than not, you will make a larger profit by trading items and coins with your fellow players.

By finding high value, high demand items, and boxes that your friends or neighbors need, you will quickly find fast routes to big coins. Just be careful if you trade for Mystery boxes as scammers can easily dupe you if you do not check their claims.

Recap on why you need Mystery Boxes

By purchasing mystery boxes whenever you have a chance and making sure that you keep a close eye on their value and the value of the items that come in them, you can generally make a substantial enough profit off of those items. Keep in mind that there are people out there who would gladly scam you for your items as well, so you should always take care to look up item values, review the trade you are making and be as savvy as possible in your interactions. Do all that and mystery boxes will make you a tidy profit.

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