New Wii How To Unlock It Today

New Wii? How To Unlock It Today

How to unlock your new Wii without having to send it off to get Mod chips installed. I know more than a few of  you happy gamers got yourselves a Wii over the holidays so I decided to write a short post to let you know how easy it is to unlock your Wii

First why would you want to unlock your Wii with an Unlocker?

Play free homebrew games

Use you Wii Console as a DVD and media center

I know I like to keep a copy of my games in case they get scratched

Oh, there are a lot more reasons and the solution is very easy.

I have an easy and cheap way of doing it – only takes a couple of minuets.

So, check out this post Easy Way To Unlock New Wii Console

City of Wonder Game Cheats And Hacks For Silver And Gold

City of wonder Game Cheats And Hacks For Silver And Gold

Players of the City of Wonder game are always searching for ways of increasing their Silver Coins and Gold Bars. Some players like to use cheats or hacks to quickly get higher in the game.

Personally cheats and hacks freak me out for a couple of reasons:

  • You have to download the hacks to your PC from unknown hackers – they hacked the game – what else is in the download?
  • Your account can be banned because you are running a hack
  • They become out of date very quickly
  • I like to really master a game myself yep, just like a real gamer

Now, don’t get me wrong I do understand why people get frustrated with Facebook games trying to get you to hand over real cash for game coins. However, by really learning how to play the game you can find that you need to neither buy coins nor download risky cheats and hacks.

So, learn to play City of Wonder like a gamer, how the game was designed to be played – with skill.

City Of Wonder Gold And Coins Without Cheats Or HacksOk, now read how to quickly get coins and gold in the City of Wonder game without using cheats and hacks

FrontierVille Four Basic Tips For New FrontierVille Players

FrontierVille Four Basic Tips For New FrontierVille Players

There are four basic tips for the FrontierVille game and new players should all be working towards understanding and mastering them. Here I have put together the tips and tricks for new players or those having trouble moving up the levels.

If you have played FarmVille then you will have noticed that FrontierVille is similar. However, it does have a certain player skill level that most of Zynga’s games do not have.

Frontierville, is similar to Farmville in a lot of ways. However, it requires a level of skill that the other games from Zynga never did – a balance of numerous factors that are necessary to build the perfect balance of spending, time investment, and fun.

Here are four of the most common elements in the game that you’ll want to master quickly to find success in Frontierville.

FrontierVille Energy

Want to be successful? You need energy!

Energy is used to perform every action in the game – from killing a varmint to planting a crop. You’ll need to continuously replenish your energy stocks if you want to be successful, using food or simply resting to get it back. The food will need to be carefully managed to boost your energy only when it’s needed.

Of course, food is tough to find, so you’ll need to carefully measure you crops and gather fruit from trees whenever available. Of course, you’ll also need to eat it, but only as much as is needed to maintain your energy levels.

FrontierVille Buildings

Building things is also crucial to playing the game. Wood is used to build almost everything you need which is why to win it is important to pay attention to the size of the trees in the game. The size of the tree signifies how many chops with an axe are needed to harvest all of the wood.

FrontierVille Currency

Coins are the primary form of currency – they are earned for selling crops, gained for performing tasks, and spent on things like food and upgrades. You’ll need lots of them both for quests and for buying supplies for your town.

However, there are also experience points – another common aspect of all social games. You’ll need to gain these as you level up to showcase your abilities and work towards beating the game. You can find out how many experience points you have by looking at your toolbar. The information in the Frontierville toolbar will tell you how many more Experience points you need to level up.

The premium currency in Frontierville is the Horseshoe. These work the same as Farmville Cash and allow you to buy premium upgrades, high quality food, and other items that are not available unless you spend real world cash.

FrontierVille Neighbors

Nothing is more important than neighbors- a common factor in all social games. Not only do your neighbors offer ways to boost your reputation and receive gifts, they make the game more fun as you interact with real world friends and family members. If you want to be successful in this game you need to have a lot of neighbors on hand.

Make sure you choose the right neighbors too – you want people who play often, reciprocate gifts, and are at your level so you can gain the benefits that come from spending time with them.

FrontierVille Game Guide

Frontierville is significantly more complicated than any game to come before it from Zynga. Some players scoff at the complexity, but many others are excited to be challenged. If you’re among the latter, learn the basics well and have fun with the biggest and best social game yet.

FrontierVille Tycoon is full of all the tips and tricks to help you in this game. Take a look at a review of the guide and see if you might help you in your game.

FrontierVille Game Guide

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NightClub City Facebook Game Bartenders

NightClub City Facebook Game Bartenders

Perhaps you have noticed the hot new Facebook game that’s quickly threatening to rival games like Farmville and take over the world of social games. The one I’m talking about, of course, is NightClub City.

Oh sure, it’s lots of fun. With so many players already when the game has not even progressed out of its beta stages, you know it has to be fun. But that’s only one side of it. It’s work too. After all, everyone in a nightclub can’t just be hanging out boozing it up. Somebody’s got to be serving those drinks.

That is where the bartenders come in to play in the NightClub City Facebook Game.

These bartenders not only serve your customers drinks, they also do bar tricks and other things to help you increase your nightclub’s revenue. Additionally, if you give a single bar tender more than one bar, he or she can work them all at the same time—but only if you arrange them the right way.

I have experimented with that some, but nothing like the folks who wrote the NightClub City Guide. That’s where to look if you really want to learn all the NightClub City secrets without having to do all the experimentation on your own.

What I do know is that your bartenders are not only your club’s employees, but they’re your real-life friends too! That is right, you can choose bartenders from among all the Facebook friends you have who are playing Night Club City.

That is what makes NightClub City an interactive game. Not only in the bartenders, but because of the bouncers too, not to mention the fact that you can visit any of your friends’ clubs any time you want to. And your avatar will even be going to them sometimes when you are not even playing the game. NightClub City really takes the social gaming industry to the next level.

Hope you are having as much fun learning this game as I am. If you need a hand then take a look at my review of the only NightClub City Guide. With this being such a new game it could to be easy to dominate it!

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FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

Exactly How To Add FarmVille Rolling Hills On Facebook, MySpace or iPhone 

This video shows you exactly how to add 3D Rolling Hills to your FarmVille farm. I am having a lot of fun adding 3D designs to my farm and wanted to share this video with you. Adding Rolling Hills is very easy to do and I think they look great on my farm.

Want to know how to add other cool 3D effects like Waterfalls, Pyramids, Lakes, House on the Hill, Wonders of the World and even harder ones? Then you might want to take a look here

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Everything You Need To know To Get Yours Built

In this post I have put together what building materials you will need and exactly how to build your Farmville game horse stable expansion. If you do not have your FarmVille horse stable built yet then read Exactly How To Build A FarmVille Horse Stable

Why expand your Farmville Horse Stable?

You can currently expand your horse stable to hold up to 40 horses. More horses mean you have a greater chance of finding Arborists, Farm Hands and foals so it makes sense to think about expanding.

Currently you can expand four times and each time you can add another five horses.

What building materials do you need for the FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion?

Just like when you built your FarmVille horse stable you will need 10 each of the following:

  • Wooden Bricks
  • Nails
  • Bricks
  • Horseshoes
  • Harnesses

How to start your FarmVille Horse Expansion

When you are ready to expand just open your Horse Stable

  • Click the expand button
  • You will get a pop-up – share with your friends and neighbors
  • The Free Gifts page will then open
  • Any building materials from your friends will be there
  • Horse Stables menu now has a expand button
  • Expand button will show you what building materials you still need to complete your expansion

How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Materials

Just like when you were building your horse stable your neighbor’s will each be able to send building supplies

  • The gifts are random for each player
  • After clicking, the use button then building material gift will be added to your stable
  • Make sure you use your Ask For More button – you will find it inside your unfinished horse stable expansion
  • You can then select friends to send gift requests too asking them to gift any of your missing building supplies

Buying Your Horse Stable Expansion Materials

If you are in a hurry to get your horse stable expansion built you can buy your materials from the market.

  • You will of course need a stack of farm cash
  • When you have purchase 10 of one item post a feed – first 10 neighbors to click it will get one of the same building item
  • Watch out for your rich neighbors feeds so you can also benefit
  • If you purchase 25 items in total you can then again post a feed and this time the first 10 neighbors will each receive a random building supply
  • Again watch out for your neighbors feeds
  • If you purchase a complete expansion then you can post a feed and 5 lucky neighbors will get a free grey horse

If you find you are short on cash check out our review of FarmVille Secrets guide.

How to get the Secrets to FarmVille?

FarmVille Secrets is a game guide that shows you all the tips and tricks you need to get the ultimate farm and the cash and coins to get your there. It is nothing to do with cheating and is not about bots. It gives you all the information you need to quickly move up the FarmVille levels legally, so will not get you banned from the game (bots will get you banned). Of course it also has free updates so you will always have all the current information to keep you on top of your game.

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Sorority Life Game Tricks You Should Know

Sorority Life Game Tricks You Should Know

In the Sorority Life game on Facebook and Myspace we all want to have a top sorority, 500 sisters, Brownie points, and move up the levels. Aiming for the high levels and searching for tricks, help and risking cheats is not going to help you if you do not have the basics down.

I have put together five easy tips to bring you back to the basics and get you started in your game, laying down the groundwork for the higher levels.

Sorority Life Game House Size

If your aim is really to have the top sorority, then build your house up as fast as possible. This is the most important aspect of the game and the sooner you grow your house the better.

  • Start recruiting from level 1.
  • The lower the level you are right now the easier it is going to be to have time to recruit sisters.
  • Do not wait until you are on the higher levels – you will have much more important things to do with your time.
  • Contact your Facebook, Myspace and blog friends
  • Use all the recourses you can to build your sorority house.

Sorority Life Brownie Points

This is hard one because you need Brownie Points in the Sorority Life game, however just be careful not to be carried away in how you obtain them.

If you can afford to buy them then you have an advantage. If you cannot afford to buy them, please do not. This may sound like odd advice but do not spend money you need in real life on your Sorority Life game. There are other ways of getting them.

There are plenty of offers available for you to fill in, and these will get you Brownie points. If you like, one or two of them then go ahead. Just be aware whom you are giving your personal information too and make sure you want the offer. Make sure you spend a little time filling out your lottery numbers too.

Check out more  Sorority Life game tips.

Sorority Life Game Events

  • Chose events with the highest possible rewards and try to complete them as quickly as possible.
  • As you move up to the higher levels mix up the events to ensure you have a nice diverse range.
  • This will ensure you get all the rewards possible and opening up all the higher-level events to you.

Sorority Life Rivals – Should Your Fight?

To be honest although fighting is fun it is only wasting your resources.

  • Instead spend time focusing on building your levels
  • Getting points
  • Recruiting new sisters

More About The Sorority Life Game

The more you know about Sorority Life game the easier it is to be able to get your top sorority and 500 sisters.

There are a lot of tips and information online for the Sorority Life game and they all work on Facebook, Myspace, Tagged or on your iphone. You do have to do a little searching around to find valuable information but there are some great blogs and forums full of tips.

The problem I have when I start looking on the forums is either I get distracted or if I do find what I am looking for the tip is out of date!

Check out more Sorority Life tips.

Having all the tips, and secrets in one place makes playing this game much easier, especially where in comes to moving up the levels, getting sisters, and brownie points.

If you follow the details outlined above, you will do much better in the Sorority Life game than you ever thought possible. It is a simple matter of being careful with the time you have to spend and analyzing how you invest everything carefully.

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