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FarmVille Crop Tips How Are Your Artichokes?

FarmVille Crop Tips How Are Your Artichokes?


When you’re playing FarmVille, it’s fun to experiment with different crops and planting patterns. And since you’ll always be selling crops for more than you paid for the seeds, you’ll always be making money. You won’t always be making a lot, though. The crops that sell for a lot can often cost a lot as well. If you’re not careful about what you plant, you won’t be able to save up for those other decorations and buildings you’ve been looking forward to buying. There are several different factors that contribute to the profitability and desirability of a particular crop, and it’s a good idea to keep these in mind when you’re making your planting decisions.

 Investment Return

One important element to take into consideration when deciding what type of crops to plant is how much of a difference there is between the seed price and the price your harvest will fetch at the market. Some crops, like soybeans, will get you back more than 4 times your initial investment, while others will return less than 2. It’s obviously more advantageous to get the most back when you can, but there are other factors to consider as well.

 Earnings Per Hour

Since different types of crops take different amounts of time to grow, they’ll be earning you different amounts of coins per hour. If you want to get the most out of your plowed land, you’ll want to make sure you’re planting the crops that will earn you the most each hour.

 It’s nice to harvest a crop like artichokes, which sell for over 200 coins per plot of cultivated land. But it takes 4 days for these plants to mature, so your earnings per hour is not very high. Raspberries, on the other hand, will get you over 40 coins every 2 hours. This will give you a handsome benefit with a quick turnaround time, and the opportunity to replant and make more money quickly.


 Of course, planting a crop like raspberries won’t make you much money if you can’t get back to your farm in time to harvest them. Since these plants mature so quickly, they also wither quickly, and you’ll only lose money if you plant them and then don’t check on your farm for a day. While the earning potential and investment return of crops is always important, it’s also important to make sure your farm’s planting and harvesting needs are adaptable to your schedule.

Crops in FarmVille wither at the same rate that they mature. This means that a crop like raspberries that matures in 2 hours will wither 2 hours after that. Something like artichokes, on the other hand, will not wither for 8 days from the time you plant them.

Deciding which crops to plant doesn’t have to be an overly complicated decision. It’s good to put some thought into it, though, if you want your farm to prosper and grow. You’ll have a much more enjoyable farming experience if you make informed and reasonable decisions about which crops to plant when.

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