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Links To Free CityVille Facebook Game Tips

Links To Free CityVille Tips

Learn how to become Mayor of CityVille on Facebook, watch a video showing you how to start your CityVille franchise, and explore using sidewalks instead of roads. I know there are a lot of CityVille Facebook players out there looking for tips and cheats so here are links to the best.

These tips will help you level up, gets coins and become Major of CityVille.

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Want To Be Mayor Of CityVille?

I know I am working on my Mayor quests and the following CityVille tips in these links helped me a lot.

CityVille Cheats and TipsWhen Do I Become Mayor Of CityVille?

Do You Want To Be Mayor Of CityVille? Find Out How

Want To Start A CityVille Franchise?

Click the link below to watch the video – makes it seem very easy to do!

CityVille Cheats and TipsVideo How To Build Your CityVille Franchise


Running Out Of Space On Your CityVille?

I have recently started using sidewalks in place of roads. This article helped me get organized.

CityVille Cheats and TipsCityVille Facebook Players Are Running Out Of Space! CityVille Layout Tips

Hope you enjoyed these free CityVille game tips. I will be posting some more very soon.