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Fishville Tips How To Get All The Neighbors You Need In Fishville

Fishville Tips How To Get All The Neighbors You Need In Fishville

Author: Kaz Larson

How To Quickly Increase Your Neighbors in FishVille

Works for Facebook and MySpace

If you are a newcomer to the game or have been playing FishVille for some time, you are probably aware of how crucial it is to have as many neighbors as possible.

After all, they provide you with a lot of advantages in advanced game play options as well as plenty of ways to collect experience and coin bonuses as you move up to higher levels! There are plenty of ways to go about increasing your neighbors, some of which you may not have been aware of. For instance;

Who is already playing Fishville?

Your first and best resource for FishVille neighbors are your own friends.

In fact, some of your friends may already be playing the game. You can find out who these people are by clicking on your ‘neighbors tab’ at the top of your screen. This will bring up a list of all of your friends who currently have a FishVille account, and you can then quickly send them a neighbor request directly from that screen.

Since most of these people are already playing the game, and like you, they will benefit from having more neighbors, you are much more likely to get a response from the invitations you send to your friends.

Get Your Friends Involved

The next step to take when you are trying to increase your neighbors is to invite those of your friends who are not already playing the game to join you in FishVille. One option when you are interested in doing this is to send an automated message to all of your friends directly from the application. While this is certainly the most convenient option, it is not always the most effective.

You will be much better off if by sending each of your friends a private message using the ‘private message’ application of whichever social networking site you are using. This does not mean that you have to write up a personal or individual message for each person. Simply copy and paste the same message and send it separately to each friend. Just do not forget to change the name at the top!

Takes A Little Time But It Is Worth It

This can be a little more time consuming but you will get much better responses to your invitations for a couple of reasons.

One is that people are always much more inclined to read and respond to a message that they know you personally wrote than they are to an automated invitation.

Another advantage of sending your messages privately is that you will have the opportunity to explain to your friends that they do not actually have to play the game to help you. All they really have to do is sign in once and set up their tank. That fact alone will make most people more inclined to help you out.

Ask All Your Friends, You Will Be Surprised!

And really, the most important thing you can do when you’re trying to add a lot of neighbors from your friend list is to be sure to ask every one of your friends. You never really know who might wind up being the most enthusiastic player!

Honestly, it is often the most unexpected people who wind up getting the most involved in FishVille.

If you leave someone off your invitation list because you do not think they will be willing to try it, you may miss the opportunity of gaining a great neighbor.

Enjoy all your new neighbors!

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The Importance of Playfish Cash in Country Story

The Importance of Playfish Cash in Country Story

Playfish cash

For every Playfish game, there is a choice you can make to pay for Playfish Cash, an extra boost to your gameplay that allows you to pay for upgrade, shortcuts, and high level decorations for your account that you would otherwise not be able to acquire. But, for every game, players must decide if that Playfish cash upgrade is worth spending their hard earned cash on to get. There are times when it is and times when it is not and as a result, many players are forced to skip some of the wonders of the game outright.

So What Is Playfish Cash Good For?

In Country Story, Playfish cash is good for a lot of things. Unlike other games where you need the cash to help upgrade the size and performance of your farm though, it is used almost entirely for things like larger and better looking items. Additionally, fertilizer is only available with cash, which allows you to grow your crops faster than without the stuff. But, generally speaking, you miss nothing of the game if you don’t have Playfish cash – you just play a little slower and with the same tools everyone else has.

How to Get Playfish Cash without Breaking the Bank

Playfish cash is available from a special menu in Country story that allows you to go in and buy things like the cash and your coins. All of the items you can buy with Playfish cash are separated onto different menus, allowing you to more easily find and sort through them without needing to dig through the coin items. The same works in reverse (which, if you don’t like playfish cash, is a big plus).

Unlike Zynga games which often reward at least small amounts of cash on occasion, Playfish is a cash only business – you either buy the stuff or you get nothing. That means you will need to spend some time deciding whether it is worth going out of your way to spend real world money on virtual goods.
Playfish cash is a luxury that not every Country Story player can afford. But, for those that can afford it, they will find a variety of interesting options opening up to them, allowing them to access parts of the game they may not have realized were there before. However you play Country Story, make sure to carefully balance your decision about Playfish Cash over what you expect to get out of the game and what your budget allows.

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