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Playing Mafia Wars High How High Are You In Mafia Wars

Playing Mafia Wars High How High Are You In Mafia Wars

Had just blown all my energy points on the last job and started to click around the internet passing time while I wait for them to return. Then I thought the Mafia Wars High that’s what I need.

I need to stop pissing around with the game, blindly stumbling about in a funky zone and beat this thing. I mean really the lower levels seem so easy now but the rewards of being higher make it all worth it. Am I already spending too much time playing? No I could sit staring at the screen for hours.

Kinda pleased with the size of my mafia and each time I sign on to Facebook there are always new friends to add. I start peeking on some of my Mafia (yep, waiting for energy again). WTF some of them have massive families and are way up in the levels.

So, shaking my head trying to remove some of the blur I realized that I am doing something wrong here. Thought I was doing well but my cousin he started playing way after me – he is on level 420

Now I know I want the Mafia Wars High!

I cannot express how badly I wanted to get to the higher levels and the promise of wads of cash and the chance to piss off and fight some of the top bosses and their goons.

Well guys and gals I today got hold of the Mafia Wars Blueprint. It is a cheat guide. Yep I forked out a little cash (still less than buying godfather points – I was so close to doing that!) and bam it’s on my computer. Cool.

Blowing out a big breath, I started to get paranoid. What if it brings me down.
After staring at it for more than I remember, I looked at it. Well I scanned it stopping at things that caught my high. First impressions – there is a lot of stuff to read hear. Nevertheless, I could feel the Mafia Wars High creeping in.

After looking at it from a more relaxed viewpoint and without so much fog, I take a slower scan while eating my yogurt with Nesquik chocolate powder. I totally think the Mafia Wars Blue Print is going to give me the Mafia Wars High big time!

Well I am not as high as I am going to be when I start trying out some of the stuff in this guide. Now I just have to stay awake long enough to try these cheats out.

Why not join me in the Mafia Wars High and zone in on Mafia Wars Blueprint and see what you think. I think it will take us higher.

Cool cover!

If you are kinda zoning then this is where I read a review about it


Better post this before I forget

Mafia Wars Cheat Guides – How to Not Get Banned and Legally Dominate in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Cheat Guides – How to Not Get Banned and Legally Dominate in Mafia Wars

By Kaz Larson

I have been playing Mafia Wars for a while and noticed that I have got more competitive. I began to wonder what secrets the top mafias were using. They were building their mafias so fast and racking up points daily. This was a little frustrating especially when some of my online friends seemed to be easily building their mafia and winning fights.

This of course sent me running to the internet looking for cheats and codes to help me Dominate. I literally spent hours looking and yes, I found many sites offering their secrets – but maybe like me you are concerned that some of these illegal cheats may get you banned. Rightly so, the last thing I wanted was to loose my current rankings and have to start all over again just because of an illegal cheat that someone put up on a site that I know nothing about!

I knew the basics of the game and was still plodding along gaining weapons and desperately trying to keep my energy points but I am not sure if I am just too competitive or impatient but I really wanted to Dominate in this game, it is just so much fun when you are ranking up Godfather points.

I headed over to a site has all the legal Mafia Wars Cheat Guides in one place. This made it very easy for me to look at what each one had to offer and make a decision on which one appealed to me. To be honest I purchased two different guides – Dominate Mafia Wars and Mafia Wars Wizard. I am so glad I did. Both are available for instant download so I could start reading them straight away and best of all use what I learned in my game.

All of authors of the guides seemed to know a lot more than I did about Mafia Wars and had some very impressive facts on their sites. It was hard to choose but they are all very cheap so I felt comfortable with my purchases.

I chose Dominate Mafia Wars because it seemed to be the most popular one; the sales site had a lot of information and a compelling video to watch. One of the other things I liked is that they give you free updates – we all know that things change fast in Mafia Wars so this is a big advantage.

I also chose Mafia Wars Wizard – again the author impressed me with their stats on the sales page, and they are only offering the guide for a short time so only a lucky few will get insiders secrets. I wanted to be one of the people to get it before they stopped offering it.

Both of these guides offer different cheats and secrets so I am glad of my choice. Of course, they came with a money back guarantee however, I am enjoying tying out the cheats too much so feel very happy with my purchase.

I do spend a little time in the forums and this helps me build my Mafia but people need a reason to join yours. Dominate Mafia Wars and Mafia Wars Wizard Guide has certainly given me the knowledge to be able to get people to want to join my Mafia and I was happily surprised about how much I have learnt and how fast my game is improving.

Well I am going back to play Mafia Wars, I hope you enjoyed my article and if you can drag yourself away from you game then look at the link below and I can guarantee you will be happy when you are using legal cheats to Dominate.

If like me you have been playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, or maybe, you prefer MySpace, or your iPhone you are perhaps wondering how to get points and build your mafia quicker.

It can be fun but also frustrating and perhaps like me causing you to go hunting the internet for cheats. These cheats can certainly boost your game but be aware that some of the illegal ones can also get you banned. I for one did not want to lose my hard-earned status in Mafia Wars.

I would like to introduce you to a site that has all the legal Mafia Wars Cheat Guides in one place Mafia Wars Cheat Guides this site will save you spending hours searching the internet and give you the information to help you dominate in Mafia Wars.

Article Source:—How-to-Not-Get-Banned-and-Legally-Dominate-in-Mafia-Wars&id=2858324

Tips For Increasing Your Mafia Family Now

Tips For Increasing Your Mafia Family Now


There are quite a few reasons that having a big family in Mafia Wars is an advantage.  Especially if you want to move up quickly, you need to have a lot of people backing you up.  With a big enough mafia, you’ll be much less vulnerable to attack, and you’ll be able to win any fights you choose to enter.  You’ll also be able to protect your hotels and casinos from vandalism and robbery so that the cash can keep flowing from them uninterrupted.

Getting to that point though means that you’ll likely have to go outside your normal circle of friends in search of Mafia Wars allies.  There are several ways to do this, and the quicker you get started, the quicker you’ll be able to get to the top in the game.

Ask Everyone You Know

Although you’ll eventually have to look elsewhere for allies to fill out your mafia’s ranks fully, the best place to start building your family is from your friend list.  The game offers you the option of inviting some or all of your friends with an automated message.  This is certainly convenient, but it likely won’t get you the best possible response. 

A better approach is to send a private message to each of your friends individually.  You can use the same message for all of them, but most people are more likely to respond to a personal message than they are to an automated summons.  Also, if you write the message yourself, you can make it clear to your friends that they don’t actually have to play the game to help you.  If they just agree to join your mafia, their work will be done.  Make sure you invite everyone you know though.  You’ll often be surprised by who the most enthusiastic players turn out to be.


Once you’ve exhausted your friend list options, it’s time to move on to Mafia Wars forums.  Here you’ll find other players who are as serious and excited about this game as you are.  You’ll see that some of these players post recruitment messages inviting others to join their mafias. 

You don’t want to post one of these messages yourself, however.  Instead, invite all of the players who’ve posted recruitment messages to join your mafia.  These are the most serious players and will likely prove to be your most valued allies.  Just be sure to send them a private message and mention Mafia Wars in it.  Many people won’t pay attention to a message from someone they don’t know unless they know it’s for the game.

With these two tactics, you’ll be able to build up your mafia quickly and relatively effortlessly.  You just have to be careful not to add too many people you don’t know at once.  Not all of the profiles you come across in the forums will be real, and you won’t know which ones aren’t if you add too many at once.  A reasonable amount of caution is always recommended, but for the most part, you shouldn’t have any trouble putting together a large and powerful mafia with players from forums.

Looking for more family members? Add you link as a comment with “join my mafia”

Super Speed Leveling Tips for Mafia Wars

Super Speed Leveling Tips for Mafia Wars


There are quite a few ways to progress through Mafia Wars.  You may want to invest time and money in winning fights, building up your mafia, or expanding your business empire.  No matter what you do though, it’s in your best interests to level up quickly.  Every time you get to a new level, your energy, health, and stamina automatically refill.  This allows you to keep playing for longer periods and gives you more resources to invest however you choose.  It’s pretty easy to see, then, why levelling up quickly is always in your best interests.

All About Energy

Every time you master a job or move up a level, you gain skill points that you can use to improve various aspects of your character.  Especially at the beginning of the game, you should only use those skill points to increase your maximum energy.  Without energy, you can’t do much in the game.  The more energy you have though, the more jobs you’ll be able to do.  This means more experience points and a more speedy advance to the next level. 

Getting a Good Return

You’ll also want to focus on doing the jobs that offer the biggest payoff in terms of experience points relative to the energy they require.  No matter what job you do, you’ll be bringing in a good amount of cash.  You’ll make more in the long run though if you focus on getting the maximum experience rather than the maximum cash out of the jobs you choose to do.  The more experience you have, the faster you’ll level up, and the more energy you’ll have to keep doing jobs and earning cash.

Your Top Mafia

Promoting a good top Mastermind as soon as possible will also improve your ability to level up quickly.  Having the right person in that position will allow you to earn more experience points from each job you do.  You can also benefit from having a good Wheelman in place.  Filling this position makes it possible for you to do more jobs because you’ll need less energy for each. 

The quality of the player that you choose to promote to these positions will have an effect on the benefit you get out of it.  The better the player, the greater the gain.  Choose wisely and you’ll be blowing through levels in no time.

Wait to Fight

You gain experience from winning fights as well as from doing jobs, but fights can cost you a lot more in other areas.  Also, if you’re snuffed in a fight, you can actually lose experience points.  Staying out of fights and focusing on doing jobs is the best way to move up quickly in the game.  Once you’ve established yourself and build up a solid mafia empire, you can pick all the fights you want.

There are all kinds of avenues to explore as you move through the levels in Mafia Wars.  Leveling up quickly gives you quite a few advantages, and it also allows you to go on and expand your mafia empire to other parts of the world. 

Enjoy the game! How is your game doing?