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Restaurant City How To Get Level 10 Dishes

Restaurant City How To Get Level 10 Dishes

How to Get Level 10 Dishes on Your Menu Quickly

 The key to success in Restaurant City is to develop and serve Level 10 Dishes – the highest level you can push your courses to. This does multiple things. First off, it makes it so you get almost three times as many experience points and popularity points from them for every customer you serve. More importantly, you get far more coins and your customers are easier to please, giving you more leeway in how you create and market your restaurant. This can result in a whole heck of a lot better service and a quicker route to the top for you, the restaurant’s owner.

How Hard Is It?

The big question then is how hard it is to reach level 10 with all those dishes. To put it in a bit of perspective, you will need around 2100 different ingredients to reach level 10 with every dish in the game. That’s not necessary though, because you obviously cannot serve every dish in the game at the same time. In fact, if you have Level 10 dishes, you only need to have one dish for each course and your customers will all be very happy.

That simplifies matters quite a bit, because getting the ingredients you’d need to level up all 58+ dishes to Level 10 would take months to complete unless you had hundreds of friends to choose from. So, you need to spend a great deal more time going about, finding the perfect menu items and getting just those to level 10, because as soon as you have one starter, one main course item, and one dessert to level 10, you’ll be well on your way.

How to Get All Those Ingredients

Getting even just 30+ ingredients you need to reach Level 10 with all three dishes is going to be tough though. Unless you plan on buying them all with Playfish Cash, you’re going to need to spend a lot of time trading and tracking down the specific ingredients you need to reach level 10 with just three dishes.

Along with that, there are some dishes that are much harder to get all those ingredients for. In terms of daily ingredients and quiz rewards, you get a good mixture of everything, so the dishes that use ingredients like Pomegranate or Oregano (which only appear in one dish each) are a lot easier to reach level 10 than others. Dishes that use cheese, cream, or sugar on the other hand are very tough because there are so many different dishes that need those ingredients. It becomes a simple matter of supply and demand.

Maxing Out Your Potential

The key to a good game of Restaurant City is to have the wherewithal to max out your dishes and then set up a good layout that will allow you to sell those dishes to anyone that comes in as fast as possible. If you can get a lot of neighbors, sell those dishes and build a good layout, you’ll be able to blow by your opponents quicker than you ever thought possible.

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Restaurant City Game You Need Temporary Friends!

Restaurant City Game You Need Temporary Friends!

How To Get Temporary Friends For Your Restaurant City Ingredients.

There are many reasons to have friends in Facebook games. They provide a much needed means of socializing in a game that is meant to be social. They also happen to provide much-needed places to visit and help clean or rate when you run out of things to do. You can spend your time in your friends’ restaurants rather than in your own if you get bored. However, one of the biggest reasons to have friends in Restaurant City is to get new ingredients from them. You need to have these extended options for ingredients because without them you are not going to be able to get your Level 10 dishes for weeks, if not months.

Why Are Ingredients So Hard to Get?

Ingredients are tough to get because, by default, you can only get two ingredients a day. You will get one free each day, just for logging in, and you will get your second one for answering the daily quiz question correctly. That is it though. Your other options include spending upwards of 4,000 or 5,000 coins a day to buy them directly, buying and spending Playfish Cash on them in the marketplace or growing them yourself for 2,000 coins and a whole lot of time and energy.

As you can imagine, those methods are a pain and take a long time. So, the only other viable alternative is to get friends that you can visit for first time rewards and trading. That’s where temporary friends come in.

The Goal of a Temporary Friend

A temporary friend is someone that you add for just a few minutes or hours and visit in that time. Whenever you visit a new friend for the first time in the game, you are given a free ingredient, plus you can trade with them for whatever they don’t want or have unlocked. It’s very easy to get the ingredients you need and then toss the ones you don’t and it allows you to get far more ingredients each day than the original two.

How to Get Temporary Friends

To get temporary friends, you will need to spend some time on the forums or with Facebook groups, getting to know the various people there who you may become friends with. This will allow you to find other players who are interested in signing up for short-term benefits. Make sure not to spam other accounts – you need to be sure anyone you send a request to has already been vetted and wants the request. Otherwise, you may get your Facebook account banned for spamming – the very last thing you ever want to have happen.

Temporary friends are a tremendous tool when used properly in Restaurant City. Unfortunately, they can also be handled very incorrectly, leading to a variety of different problems that you would be better off steering clear of. If you do not understand what you are supposed to do or what you are currently working toward with your friends, you can always talk to your new friends and develop a good plan. Either way, get out there and load up on ingredients. If you are truly serious about being a top dog Restaurant City player, you need to get out there and be social.Restaurant city secrets cover

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