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Mega Boosting and Keeping Your Popularity Rating in Restaurant City

Looking to boost and keeping your popularity rating in your Restaurant City Game? Well you are not alone! It really is one of the main measurements of success in the game so it is important to make sure you get it right. The last thing you want is for your popularity rating to start dropping due to silly mistakes.

This little rating, which appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen alongside a thumbs-up signal, is a vital aspect of the game that will tell you how well you are doing at making your customers happy. The higher the rating goes, the better you are doing and the more customers will appear to check out your restaurant. You will even start to notice when the rating gets very high that some customers will leave before sitting because there just isn’t enough space – that’s a good thing (as long as they don’t downgrade you for a wait).

How the Popularity Rating Works

The popularity rating is tied to a few different details. To start with, you receive popularity points or lose them whenever a customer rates your restaurant. There is either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down for your food, and technically, they are rating the restaurant and not the food as the food comes out the same every time. 

What results in a bad rating in Restaurant City?

Things that cause bad ratings include

  • Wait times
  • Lack of tables
  • Slow service
  • Messiness
  • Lack of clean toilets

If you can keep all of these things from becoming factors, you will receive a thumbs-up.

That thumbs up is then worth one upgrade in your popularity points, depending on what level your dishes are.

  • At Level 1, your dishes are worth 0.1 on the popularity scale.
  • At Level 10, those dishes are worth 0.28.

It might not seem like a lot, but it can add up very quickly if you are looking to go really high with your rating. Generally speaking, your rating will top out at a few spots according to your service and how much space there is in your restaurant.

The maximum popularity rating in the game is a solid 50.0 which takes a tremendous amount of good service (usually with 8 full staff members), level 10 dishes, and a clean, well laid out restaurant to maintain.

How to Keep the Popularity Score High

Once you get a high popularity score, your goal needs to be, above and beyond all else, to keep it high. You do not want your restaurant to start dipping off at the max level because then you will start to lose customers and in turn, you will lose coins, and your revenues will drop. You will need that money when you reach the higher levels so that you can start upgrading the interior and exterior of your restaurant.

Keep your score high

  • Work on keeping everything clean
  • Maintaining a good service line with island layouts
  • Having enough tables
  • Enough chairs 
  • Enough toilets
  •  If you cannot serve everyone, do not give them anything to do.
  • Having too many arcade units or waiting chairs can result in lowered ratings if the people in them get up and leave before they get to eat.

Ultimately, your popularity score is going to be a barometer of how well you are doing in the game. If you forget to check it often and cater your service toward it and things will quickly start to go downhill.

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