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YoVille Game Tips Quickly Earn Max Coins Using Jobs Camera Pictures and Friends

YoVille Game Tips Quickly Earn Max Coins Using Jobs Camera Pictures and Friends

How To Use The YoVille Camera To Earn Coins

Just like in real life, earning coins is an essential part of the YoVille game. I have put together a few easy tips to help you learn how to earn coins in YoVille. If you are struggling to earn enough coins these tips will get you on your way to getting a nice coin stash and your apartment decorated. 

When you first start playing YoVille it is easy to get carried away enjoying all the activities like visiting neighbors, working in the factory, decorating your apartment, or messing around with your actions. However there comes a time (pretty quickly) that earning coins becomes a priority. Nearly everything you want to do will cost coins and it always seems like we are spending them quicker than earning them. So follow these tips so that you can buy and do the things, you really want. 

Off To Work You Go – But Which Factory Job Should You Do To Earn Coins

  • You get a coin bonus each time you check in (even if you do not work)
  • You can clock in every 6 hours
  • Punch into the factory 3 times a day (if possible)
  • You will earn experience points and coins from the jobs
  • Focus on jobs with highest coin payout
  • Weaving fabric is currently one of the fastest cash earners

Remember To Take Pictures On Your Coin Runs

  • Try to do this twice a day
  • Stand next to a friend and both perform an action
  • Take pictures of you and your friends doing an action
  • Make sure there are lots of items in the background
  • Make sure you have your (and your friends) avatar in the picture

When you next go back to the factory, you should have a new film so if you take pictures in the morning you could take them again later in the day.

Tip: I put all my free gifts and mystery gifts in a room in my apartment and a chair. Then 3 times a day I go there and take pictures. I average around 16 coins for this. Now if you have put these in a room that is not at level 10 you will get some coins when you level up. Oh, and take pictures of the party.

Use All Your YoVille Friends To Earn Coins

  • The more friends you have the higher the factory punch in bonus
  • Visit up to 25 friends a day and perform an action (do not forget to take a photo)
  • Click on your Facebook friends links – often. You can earn coins for helping in the factory, view their pictures to get film, view party pictures to earn coins

Play Games And You May Earn Coins

If you have a little time to spare you could play games but remember you will only earn coins if you win! But, if you have already maxed out then this is a great way to earn a little extra cash while waiting for you next factory shit.

Thinking Of Buying YoVille Cash? There Is A Better Way!

Earning coins in the YoVille game is very important and necessary – or you might be tempted to pay out real cash for your dream items. For most people this is not the most sensible route to take.

There is however and alternative – following a game guide that teaches you how to get through all the levels, is updated regularly (for free) and has an intensive coin earning guide. 

The guide is YoVille Secrets. The YoVille Secrets guide is helping hundreds of YoVille players every day.

I decided to get a copy and test it out in my game. You can read my review here:

The YoVille Secrets guide is helping hundreds of YoVille players every day. 

Don’t you think it might help you too? Before spending out real cash for your items check out my review of YoVille Secrets first.