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YoVille How to Use Your YoVille Actions Menu

How to Use Your YoVille Actions Menu

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your YoVille Actions Menu

One of YoVille’s most fun features is the assortment of different actions you can perform with your character when you interact with your fellow players. This action menu is a highly interactive option that allows you to dance, play around, or make funny faces and postures with your friends.

Whether you are just standing around and trying to entertain your fellow players, or you are interested in completing the missions the game has to offer, the YoVille actions menu will become a staple that you will grow very familiar with in short order.

How to Use the YoVille Actions Menu

The actions menu is located right below the game screen and has an icon on it of your Yo performing a physical activity. Just click on it to get a full list of all your options. They are split-up into categories to make it easier to find them, and you can choose the most popular options from the main menu when you first click on it. If you use the same activity a lot, this will make it much easier to go about finding who and what they each include.
How to Get More Items on the YoVille Actions Menu

To get more actions on your action menu, you simply need to start leveling up your character. You can also buy other actions with your YoVille cash, but that can get pricey and is largely unnecessary as any actions you will actually need for the game will come from the leveling up you do.

Throughout the game, every 2-5 levels, you will unlock a new action that can be tacked on to your menu and performed whenever you like. These range from goofy teenage things to more advanced physical activities. If you are having trouble unlocking more by leveling up, focus on getting as much XP as possible by buying and selling items such as food.

Start Playing Around With Your Action Menu

The YoVille actions menu is a great tool that opens up new options in a game that thrives on relationships between you and your friends. If you are serious about creating a game experience that will allow you to stand out and have fun with everyone that you play the game with, then you need to be taking advantage of each and every one of the actions that are at your disposal.

Learn how to measure out your energy use though or you may start to burn through it all before you can get anything done.  

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