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NightClub City Facebook Game Bartenders

NightClub City Facebook Game Bartenders

Perhaps you have noticed the hot new Facebook game that’s quickly threatening to rival games like Farmville and take over the world of social games. The one I’m talking about, of course, is NightClub City.

Oh sure, it’s lots of fun. With so many players already when the game has not even progressed out of its beta stages, you know it has to be fun. But that’s only one side of it. It’s work too. After all, everyone in a nightclub can’t just be hanging out boozing it up. Somebody’s got to be serving those drinks.

That is where the bartenders come in to play in the NightClub City Facebook Game.

These bartenders not only serve your customers drinks, they also do bar tricks and other things to help you increase your nightclub’s revenue. Additionally, if you give a single bar tender more than one bar, he or she can work them all at the same time—but only if you arrange them the right way.

I have experimented with that some, but nothing like the folks who wrote the NightClub City Guide. That’s where to look if you really want to learn all the NightClub City secrets without having to do all the experimentation on your own.

What I do know is that your bartenders are not only your club’s employees, but they’re your real-life friends too! That is right, you can choose bartenders from among all the Facebook friends you have who are playing Night Club City.

That is what makes NightClub City an interactive game. Not only in the bartenders, but because of the bouncers too, not to mention the fact that you can visit any of your friends’ clubs any time you want to. And your avatar will even be going to them sometimes when you are not even playing the game. NightClub City really takes the social gaming industry to the next level.

Hope you are having as much fun learning this game as I am. If you need a hand then take a look at my review of the only NightClub City Guide. With this being such a new game it could to be easy to dominate it!

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