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FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

Exactly How To Add FarmVille Rolling Hills On Facebook, MySpace or iPhone 

This video shows you exactly how to add 3D Rolling Hills to your FarmVille farm. I am having a lot of fun adding 3D designs to my farm and wanted to share this video with you. Adding Rolling Hills is very easy to do and I think they look great on my farm.

Want to know how to add other cool 3D effects like Waterfalls, Pyramids, Lakes, House on the Hill, Wonders of the World and even harder ones? Then you might want to take a look here

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Everything You Need To know To Get Yours Built

In this post I have put together what building materials you will need and exactly how to build your Farmville game horse stable expansion. If you do not have your FarmVille horse stable built yet then read Exactly How To Build A FarmVille Horse Stable

Why expand your Farmville Horse Stable?

You can currently expand your horse stable to hold up to 40 horses. More horses mean you have a greater chance of finding Arborists, Farm Hands and foals so it makes sense to think about expanding.

Currently you can expand four times and each time you can add another five horses.

What building materials do you need for the FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion?

Just like when you built your FarmVille horse stable you will need 10 each of the following:

  • Wooden Bricks
  • Nails
  • Bricks
  • Horseshoes
  • Harnesses

How to start your FarmVille Horse Expansion

When you are ready to expand just open your Horse Stable

  • Click the expand button
  • You will get a pop-up – share with your friends and neighbors
  • The Free Gifts page will then open
  • Any building materials from your friends will be there
  • Horse Stables menu now has a expand button
  • Expand button will show you what building materials you still need to complete your expansion

How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Materials

Just like when you were building your horse stable your neighbor’s will each be able to send building supplies

  • The gifts are random for each player
  • After clicking, the use button then building material gift will be added to your stable
  • Make sure you use your Ask For More button – you will find it inside your unfinished horse stable expansion
  • You can then select friends to send gift requests too asking them to gift any of your missing building supplies

Buying Your Horse Stable Expansion Materials

If you are in a hurry to get your horse stable expansion built you can buy your materials from the market.

  • You will of course need a stack of farm cash
  • When you have purchase 10 of one item post a feed – first 10 neighbors to click it will get one of the same building item
  • Watch out for your rich neighbors feeds so you can also benefit
  • If you purchase 25 items in total you can then again post a feed and this time the first 10 neighbors will each receive a random building supply
  • Again watch out for your neighbors feeds
  • If you purchase a complete expansion then you can post a feed and 5 lucky neighbors will get a free grey horse

If you find you are short on cash check out our review of FarmVille Secrets guide.

How to get the Secrets to FarmVille?

FarmVille Secrets is a game guide that shows you all the tips and tricks you need to get the ultimate farm and the cash and coins to get your there. It is nothing to do with cheating and is not about bots. It gives you all the information you need to quickly move up the FarmVille levels legally, so will not get you banned from the game (bots will get you banned). Of course it also has free updates so you will always have all the current information to keep you on top of your game.

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Free FarmVille Mini Guide

Free FarmVille Mini Guide

Want A Free FarmVille Guide?

I found this and wanted to share it with you all before it is gone.

You get a 12 page FarmVille guide full of secret tips and pictures all for Free!

Take a look and grab it before it goes Free FarmVille Mini Guide

FarmVille Comment Box Love It or Hate It Farmville Has A Comment Box

Farmville comment box arrived in the Farmville game in March and for some people there is a love hate relationship with this new feature. Find out some of the funny but real reasons people hate the comment box and why there are some benefits that should not be ignored. 

Before the comment box arrived, we could communicate with other members by posting a sign. Sign posts are still available, but the comment box is designed to give us more options – perhaps too many. 

FarmVille Comment Box | What Is It All About 

Just in case you missed it, your comment box is located on the upper right corner of your Farmville screen.  When you click on it, you will see two tabs.

  1. Comments : Displays messages you or your visitors have posted for you
  2. Visits : Tells you which neighbors completed various tasks on your farm

 To post a message, type your note into the box above the comments and visits tab.

You can then either post the message to your comment box or as a sign post on your farm.

You do the same when you visit your neighbor’s farm except you also get the option for the comment to appear on their Facebook profile.

FarmVille Comment Boxes – Why do people hate them? 

I have heard from a lot people complaining about the new FarmVille comment box and have listed some of the top reasons (sorry but I found some to be a little funny) 

  • The comment box is way too big 
  • It is ugly 
  • How do I delete the comment box
  • Lack of Privacy: You can see posts made by other people on your friends’ farms, and they can read yours 
  • They miss the fun of leaving little messages on sign posts scattered around their farms 
  • Their ex girlfriend/boyfriend now can see that they visited their farm – whoops!
  • How do I delete a comment on a neighbors box (see above)
  • Do not like the idea that their neighbors now know that they visited but did not fertilize
  • The visitors and comment bubbles take up space and are annoying
  • Refuse to sign up for emails to get rid of bubbles because Zynga will know too much about them (ummm you are on Facebook dude!)

Well, I do agree with most of the complaints about the comment box. After all, it is big and there is now a sense of guilt when I pop in to see one of my neighbor’s farms and do not have time to do anything for them. 

FarmVille Comment Box – Reasons To Maybe Love And Even Benefit From Them 

  • You will know who has fertilized or fed your chickens, or who has sent you a gift.
  • (Ok, you already know who sent gifts from your acceptance page – but now you will not forget!)
  • You know who visited your farm (yep even your ex girlfriend) in the form of a pop-up telling you Sara fed your chickens.
  • If you had several visitors in your absence, it may only state that Sara and five others have fed your chickens.
  • You will know who visited your farm and did nothing.
  • Now you know which neighbors to visit and return the favor.

Chat, chat, chat – of course, you could just chat away with your friends and neighbors, ask for gifts, discuss FarmVille tasks, post a message on your friend’s profile or to make it exciting for others you could fight with your ex. 

If you have taken a break from Farmville and joined the real world for a short break, you can use your comment box to catch up on everything that had been happening while you were gone. 

For me the best part is being able to see which neighbors did tasks for me. I can then visit them first and do a few daily tasks without wasting time on the ones that never help me.

Of, course you could use the new guilt feeling to your advantage by fertilizing the crops of a non helpful neighbor and see if shames them into helping you in return.

Want a FREE special FarmVille Secrets, Tips and Strategies Crash Course?

Read my  FarmVille Secrets Review and find out how to get your free report 

Article by Kaz Larson

Speed Leveling For New FarmVille Game Players

Speed Leveling For New FarmVille Game Players

Casual FarmVille players and FarmVille addicts are all searching for the best ways to maximize their playtime and level up faster. With all the various aspects involved in the game it is not surprising that new players are confused and are stuck on the lower levels. I have put together some speed leveling tips for new FarmVille players but they can help people at all levels. 

Leveling not only opens up new aspects of the game it brings in the most valued of all FarmVille items – Farm Cash. If you are looking for the way to move up the levels in the FarmVille game then these Speed Leveling tips aimed at the new FarmVille player should give you a good boost. 

For Speed Leveling You Need Lots Of Neighbors

Farmville is of course all about getting neighbors, after all this game was designed with Facebook in mind and Facebook is all about social networking.

Once you realize the importance of finding more neighbors, you will find that you will start speeding up the levels. Really if you think about it, it is not hard to get as many neighbors as you need. After all everyone is looking to add you as a friend because, they too need neighbors. Just hang out in FarmVille forums and you will soon find hundreds of posts from FarmVille players wanting to become your neighbor.

If you worried about all these new neighbors checking out your Facebook or MySpace profile then make sure, you change your privacy settings for your FarmVille friends.

Crops Mix It Up Strategy 

It can be hard to figure out if you should be spending time on crops that give lots of XP or crops that earn the coins. Many new players make the mistake of not focusing on crops that earn what you need. The best way to max out on both is to alternate each day. 

For example if you are trying to earn coins, then Super Berries would be your best choice.

They sell for 100 coins and harvest in two hours – they only catch is that they are rare. 

All berries are great for leveling. You generally get 288 EXP on a 12×12 farm every four hours. 

Do not get stuck trying to work out which crops to plant and harvest, instead work out your game playtime and alternate between max coin and XP crops. 

What About The Rest Of Your Farm 

It is easy to get so involved in planting and harvesting that you run out of time to earn from the rest of your farm. 

Rabbits, ducks, goats, horses, and the rest of the animals can give you a nice stack of coins.

Then there are the trees like banana and pomegranate that are all big earners. Ask your neighbors for gifts and start building your tree and animals up.

I cannot stress enough about asking neighbors for gifts – they will send them especially if you return the favor.

Tip for extra FarmVille XP’s 

  • If you can afford to buy hay bales, buy as many as you can.
  • They give you 5 XP each.
  • When you run out of storage space for the hay bales, then sell them
  • Then buy more. Sounds crazy but it gets you XP so try it. 

There are currently seventy levels in Farmville, with the seventieth level giving you the title of World Fair Champ.

Few people, if any, have owned out to such an achievement. However, a new FarmVille guide has just been released that is promising to help players get to the top faster than before.

The guide is FarmVille Perfect. After testing it in the FarmVille game, we reviewed it for you here

Want to see a level 70 Farm? Check it out! —->>>> farm at level 70 with over 40,000 coins! <<<<—-

Exactly How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Built

Exactly How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Built

Tips on getting your FarmVille Horse Stable building materials

Pictures of FarmVille Horses and Ponies

With the additions of the horse stables, we now have a place to put our horses in the farmville game. About time since those horses take up a lot of valuable building space.

We all know that it is too easy to run out of space in FarmVille regardless of the size of your farm. So, with the release of the Horse Stables we can free up a bit of space for all the other goodies we want and they really help regardless of what level you are on.

FarmVille Clydesdale Horse FarmVille White Stallion

Space and Time Saving Advantages of the Horse Stables

Horse stables can hold up to 20 horses. Yep, just like the Chicken Coops and Dairy Farms you can currently only keep 20 animals in the Horse Stables. However, that is better than having 20 horses wondering around your farm and taking up space.

On top of the space saving advantages of building a stable there is also the added bonus of being able to harvest from all your horses at once. That will save a lot of time so you can deal with all your goats, pigs, sheep and other animals that you have to harvest individually.

Recap on space and time

  • Sables hold a maximum of 20 horses
  • Can harvest all your horses at once
  • Horses are harvestable after 24 hours

How to get your Horse Stable for your farm

The frame for the Horse Stable is in your gift box – yep, that part of it is free. However, to get it built you will need to gather your supplies. This is when it gets a little harder. You are given the first brick, but you will need nine more bricks. In addition, 10 each of wooden boards, harnesses, horseshoes, and nails to get your stable built.

Recap of required building materials for your Horse Stable

  • Horse Stable frame – free in gift box
  • 10 bricks (you get one free)
  • 10 Wooden boards
  • 10 Harnesses
  • 10 Horse Shoes
  • 10 Nails

Ok, before we get ahead of ourselves the Horse Stable takes up approximately Six plowed plots of land, so make sure you have cleared some space before you open the gift box.

FarmVille White StallionFarmVille Clydesdale Horse

Sourcing your materials from your friends and neighbors

The best way of getting the materials you need for your stable is hitting your friends and neighbors up for gifts. Post a feed on your wall asking your friends to help you with the horse stable and let them know what materials you need.

Each day everyone will get a couple of building materials as free gifts. So, you can send them to your friends and they can return the favor. Just be aware that the gifts are different for each player and change weekly so make sure you grab what you need when they are available.

Just like with every other free gift, after you accept it you will find it in your gift box. Clicking on the ‘use’ button will send your gift to your horse stable.

Recap on getting materials from friends and neighbors

  • Post a feed with the items you need
  • Up to 10 friends per day can click on the feed and send you an item
  • Everyone gets two of the materials in the Free Gifts tab
  • The two Free material gifts change every week
  • The materials are random so you will get different items from some of your friends
  • Make sure you gift your free materials to increase chances of getting what you need

Purchasing your horse stable materials

If you are really impatient, do not have enough friends and have a stash of FV cash then pop over to the market and buy your materials.

Each item currently costs 1 FV cash so to buy everything from the market will mean spending 50 FV cash. That is a lot of cash so do try to get some of them first and then maybe just buy the odd missing items. When you purchase items from the market they will automatically be stored in your stable.

Helping your neighbors out with their Horse Stable

  • Posting a feed on your wall announcing that you are setting up your stable and asking them to lend a hand gives any friends that help 100 coins.
  • When you have 25 building material items you will get a chance to post a feed to your wall. First ten neighbors to hit this feed will get a random Horse Stable building item
  • When your horse stable is complete, you will again be able to post a feed. The first five neighbors to hit this feed will get a free gray horse. You also get one when your stable is complete.

So, watch out for your neighbors feeds so that you can benefit from these bonuses too.

Once again it is important to have a lot of neighbors in FarmVille.

It also helps if you have earned a nice stash of cash. I know that FV cash is hard to get which is why I use the FarmVille Secrets guide to help me in my game. Check out my FarmVille Secrets review and see if it might help you move up the levels faster and get a stash of cash.

Ok, here is the link to my review of FarmVille Secrets –>><<– Enjoy!

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FarmVille Tips Feed Chickens Harvest Mystery Eggs

Since Chicken Coops first arrived in the FarmVille game, some players have been lucky enough to discover Mystery Eggs when they were harvesting their coops.  Feeding your friends’ coops increases your chances of finding these wonderful Mystery Eggs. Read on and find out how to increase your chances of harvesting mystery eggs and get your hands on the top of the range – Golden Mystery Eggs!


Chicken and Mystery Egg The Real Basics 

  • Chicken Coops hold up to 20 chickens – this is going to be expanded soon!
  • Eggs can be harvested once every 24 hours
  • Mystery Eggs are found when harvesting
  • They can be hatched by the friends and neighbors of the person who found them 


Better Chickens Makes For Better Eggs 

All chickens are not created equal. Depending on what chickens are in the coop will make a differance to which Mystery Egg you might find.

  • Normal white chickens in your coop will only produce white Mystery Eggs
  • If there is a Black or a Brown chicken introduced into the mix, Black or Brown Mystery Egg could be found. 
  • Golden Chickens in coop means that there will be a possibility of discovering a highly coveted Golden Mystery Egg
  • All Mystery Eggs contain a prize, of course, but the better the egg, the better the prize to be “hatched.” 


Make Sure You Share Your Mystery Egg Finds 

  • Remember, you won’t actually receive any benefit for finding a Mystery Egg 😦 
  • Post an announcement of the find on your wall so that your friends can each hatch an egg to collect a prize. 
  • But, every time one of your friends finds a Mystery Egg, you’ll be able to try your hand at hatching it. 


Feed Your Friends Chickens 

For a while now, it’s been possible to fertilize some of your neighbors’ crops when you make your daily visit to their farms.  This gives you the benefit of an extra opportunity to pick up Experience Points and also makes their harvesting more profitable in the Experience Point category as well.  Now there’s an extra task waiting for you when you stop by your neighbors’ farms, though, and that’s feeding the chickens.

Like fertilizing crops, feeding your neighbors’ chickens earns you a coin and Experience Point Bonus.  However, it also provides you with the opportunity to discover Mystery Eggs with each feeding.  And the more often the chickens in a given coop are fed, the more likely they are to produce Mystery Eggs.  Of course, this means that your friends will be more likely to find Mystery Eggs as well, giving you more chances to hatch one.  And even if you don’t find a Mystery Egg when you’re harvesting your coop after your friends have fed your chickens, you’re likely to come away with a hefty coin bonus.

Discover All The FarmVille Secrets

 FarmVille Secrets is a cheat guide that is helping thousands of FarmVille players at all levels. No more searching for the answers – you will have them all in one place and have a massive advantage over other players.

We tested and reviewed it here 

Find out how it stood up in the game and see if it will help you as much as it did us.

FarmVille Ribbons Knock On Wood These Tips Will Increase Your Earnings

FarmVille Ribbons Knock On Wood These Tips Will Increase Your Earnings

Tips to getting the most from your ribbons in FarmVille

It can be very easy to overlook the power of FarmVille achievement ribbons since you earn most of them by simply doing what you have to do to care for your farm anyway. After all, you earn ribbons for plowing, harvesting, and even for spending money at the local market. However, the bonuses that you receive can be quite large, so you can really give yourself a boost by making it a priority to earn these ribbons. Given the very small amount of required effort, it is well worth it and so easy to accomplish.    

Ribbons Galore

There is a nice stack of ribbons that you can earn, and to spice things up new ones are added. Some are easy to get like the Local Celebratory ribbon – just need neighbors for that one.

I love the Knock on Wood ribbon. You see I am a tree hugger and have surrounded my farm with trees (around the edges). Of, course you have to plants and harvest unique trees to get this one, which can be a lot of work. However, for me it was well worth it to be a proud owner of the Knock on Wood ribbon achievement.

Know What To Do To Get Your Ribbons

If you are going to be working on earning ribbons, you will need to know what you have to do to earn them. You can learn this easily by simply clicking on the ribbon icon at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up a window that will allow you to check out the many different types of ribbons that are available and learn what you will have to do to in order to earn each one. 

Earning Ribbons or Complimentary?

While some of the accomplishments rewarded by ribbons are complimentary, many others are not. For example, you can earn some ribbons by harvesting a certain number of vegetable crops and some others by harvesting a certain number of fruit crops. Because you only have a limited amount of space to devote to your crops, it is best if you focus on one of these achievements first, and then shift to the other. 

Trying to split your resources between the two will only make it harder for you to accomplish both of them.  

Some separate ribbons are indeed complimentary, however. For example, you can earn ribbons by spending money in the market, as well as by owning a certain number of decorations. Since you have to spend money in the store to accumulate these decorations, you can work towards both of these ribbons simultaneously. It makes total sense right?

Is Your Layout Setup For Max Ribbon Earning

Another option for you is to change the layout of your farm in order to earn ribbons more quickly. For instance, if you know that you are going after some ribbons that have to do with harvesting or planting crops, you should definitely maximize the amount of space you devote to plowed land.

Once you have taken care of these accomplishments however, you can adjust your layout to reflect your new goals. You do not want to get rid of all of your plowed plots however; you just need to make sure that you have enough space set aside to pursue your new goals. 

Share Your Wealth With Your Neighbors

Since you can share the wealth with your friends every time that you earn a ribbon, you should be sure to take full advantage of all of the bonuses that you can earn when your friends collect ribbons as well.

Checking your news feed frequently for your friends’ announcements and then clicking on the link to collect the bonuses that they are offering will be a great way to earn some extra coins and get ahead in FarmVille quickly. Just make sure you are offering the bonuses to them as well so that they share with you every time they have the opportunity to. Fair is fair!

Follow the above steps and you will soon be on the way to achieving your next ribbon.

The above are basic tips but I hope that they help you in your FarmVille game. If you are looking for tips, cheats, and strategy to rapidly move up the levels and improve your farm then you should look at FarmVille Secrets. I loved how much this guide helped me so much that I reviewed the guide for you.

Take a look at my FarmVille Secrets Guide review and see what you think.

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Ultimate FarmVille Layout Tips Get Coins And Points

Ultimate FarmVille Layout Tips To Get Coins And Points

Follow these easy tips to improve your FarmVille farm setup

One of the many reasons that FarmVille is so entertaining is because of the unlimited arrays in which you can arrange and rearrange your farm. You can change your layout whenever you choose to allowing you to increase profits (and amuse yourself). If only it were so easy to rearrange the furniture in your home!   

Like I’ve said; what appeals to your aesthetic taste isn’t the only thing you should keep in mind when you’re setting up your farm. How you arrange your buildings, decorations, animals, trees, and plowed plots of land can have a significant impact on how successful you will ultimately be in FarmVille.

You should certainly choose a layout that makes you want to visit your farm often, but you need to take some more practical matters into consideration as well, such as…. 

Leaving Space for Your Crops 

You will be making most of your money off the crops you plant and harvest. Because of this, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of space set aside for this very purpose. Depending on the size of your farm, the actual percentage of land this entails will vary, but you should be careful not to cut your crop space down too much.

Also, it’s a good idea to group all of your plowed plots together to make it easier to harvest, plant, and plow with your farm equipment. It makes sense right?

 Buildings For Experience

Getting some buildings up on your farm is also a great way to make it feel like home. It is also a great way to earn experience points fast and level up quickly, particularly at the higher levels. You will only have so much space for buildings however, so be sure and pick carefully when you do opt to buy them.

Of course, buying the buildings just for the experience points and then turning around and ‘flipping’ them are always good options. But remember, you will lose a bit of money by doing this though, so it’s not something you’ll be able to do on a regular basis. 

Trees Bring Income 

Trees are also a great way to earn a supplemental income. Depending on how much time you are willing to spend harvesting them, you can fit quite a few trees into a pretty small space. You just want to make sure that your trees are not obscuring any of the other items such as plowed plots or animals. It is easy to lose space to the shadow of a tree. That’s why it’s best to plant them mainly on the far edges of your farm.

If you do it this way, it will allow you to enjoy their attractive appearance and coin earning potential, while still being able to take full advantage of all of the available space on your farm. 

We Love The FarmVille Animals 

While animals are always nice to have around, they can unfortunately take up a lot of space. If you want to make some money of off your animals while still conserving space, you should focus on keeping chickens in a chicken coop and cows on dairy farms. These particular types of animals don’t bring in a great deal of revenue individually, but keeping them in these structures allows you to harvest them all at once and saves you a ton of space that you can then devote to other things.

This is all pretty common sense, but we often don’t think of it while we are caught up in the game.

Of course if you are looking for a cheat guide to take  you through all the levels in FarmVille then you need FarmVille Secrets.

 Check out my review of FarmVille Secrets and see what you think.

FarmVille Game Neighbors Getting the Most Out of Your Neighbors

FarmVille Game Neighbors Getting the Most Out of Your Neighbors

Author: Karen

Are you using your Neighbors in FarmVille?

Tips On How To Get The Most Our Of Your FarmVille Neighbors

Even if you are fairly new to FarmVille, you’ve probably figured out by now that gaining and utilizing neighbors will bring you many wonderful perks. While many of these advantages are obvious, like being able to expand your farm cheaply, many others aren’t so obvious. To really succeed in this game, you will have to use your neighbors to their fullest potential. And believe me; their potential is almost unlimited with just a little extra effort!

Crop and Plot Fertilization….

Of course, it’s beneficial to both you and your neighbors if they can fertilize your crops and you can fertilize theirs. You get extra experience points when harvesting fertilized crops, and your neighbors get to earn a few extra coins for each plot of yours that they fertilize. However, when you’re not going to be able to get back to your farm for an extended period of time, you may believe that there is no point in bothering to plow your fields since you can’t plant on them.

If you go this route though, you will miss out on the opportunity to have your entire farm fertilized when you come back. Your neighbors cannot fertilize fallow land, but they can fertilize plowed plots even if they haven’t been planted yet. In addition, when you do return to plant on them, your crops will be instantly fertilized! Also, it’s important to pass this information along too. If your neighbors have to spend some time away from their farm, you will want to be able to earn coins fertilizing their plots as well.


Because the game no longer directs you to the free gift page everyday when you log into FarmVille, it is easy to forget to send these special items to your friends. And, of course, it’s easy for your friends to forget to send gifts to you. Even if you don’t necessarily need any of the items that you receive as gifts, you can always sell them for some extra coins, so you will want to remind your neighbors to keep sending them, especially if they have been neglecting this aspect of the game. And the best way to remind them to send gifts your way is to remember to send gifts to them.


Every time your neighbors earn a ribbon, you will have the opportunity to receive a bonus from them. Some of these bonuses are as small as 50 coins, and it may seem like more trouble than its worth to peruse your news feed to find them all. But these small bonuses add up fast. You’ll be missing out on a lot of you don’t take advantage of as many as you can find.

It’s never a bad thing to have some extra coins lying around – you can even use them to buy some extra items to earn experience points and level up faster. In order to be successful in FarmVille, you will need to be able to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

All the tips, cheats and tricks in one guide!

The above are basic tips to help you in FarmVille. If you still have questions and looking for answers you should look at my review of FarmVille Secrets. We tested this guide in Farmville to see if it lived up to its claims.

Check out our honest review of FarmVille Secrets here

I think you will be surprised

About the Author:

We at New Game Guides are a group of gamers who love online games. We test and review game guides on the game for you.
New Game Guides “Reviewed by gamers for gamers”

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comFarmVille Game Neighbors Getting the Most Out of Your Neighbors

FarmVille Game Leveling Tips for the Higher Levels

FarmVille Game Leveling Tips for the Higher Levels  

Time to move up the levels in FarmVille

In the beginning, it is just so easy to rack up enough experience points to be able to move to the next level in FarmVille. It takes so little points to advance during the first phases of the game, and it seems like everything you do will garner you those points. You will even earn points without trying at this stage because you are doing everything that you can to build you farm up as quickly as possible.  

Once you get up to the higher levels though, the experience point gaps between levels get larger and the small bonuses you get for helping your neighbors, as well as planting and plowing your fields are no longer enough to allow you to advance quickly. There are things you can do however, to make it easier for you to move up.

Time to Build, Build, Build….. 

Since you probably have a pretty substantial farm, and thus a substantial and stable stream of income, you should have plenty of coins on hand. If this is the case, you will actually be able to “buy” your way to the higher levels by purchasing buildings and other items. All of the items you buy will give you experience points, and buildings will provide you with the most by far.  

Of course, you can only fit so many buildings on your farm at once. However, as long as you have enough coins on hand, you can keep buying buildings and other items and then selling them at a reduced rate. You will certainly lose quite a bit of money on the deal, but you will gain a ton of experience points. Once money is no longer an issue for you, this will be an ideal way to build up experience points quickly. 

You Need To Re-evaluate Your Crops….. 

Early in the game, you will most likely be choosing crops that help you earn coins quickly. When you are trying to advance to the higher levels of game play though, it will be a good idea to re-evaluate your crop selection. Shifting your emphasis from cash crops to crops that yield the most experience points per planting and per hour will have a significant impact on your ability to advance quickly.  

Often this means going with the crops that take only one day to grow. That’s because these crops yield two experience points per planting, and only take the minimum amount of time to grow for that level of experience earning potential. There are certainly other crops that offer the same experience bonuses, but they take longer to grow and so they don’t allow you to accumulate experience points as quickly. 

Another option for seeds that may help you level up quickly is strawberries and blueberries. They only take four hours to grow, meaning that they only yield one experience point per growing cycle. But since the short growing time allows you to harvest and replant quickly, you will have the potential to earn two experience points per plot of land every four hours – as long as you can get back to harvest them on time, which is key! Don’t forget to utilize your neighbors to get as many of your crops fertilized as you can on a regular basis.

There are so many options in the FarmVille game and hundreds of people are now turning to the FarmVille Secrets Cheat guide for answers.

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Farmville Game There Is More To It Than Just The Farm

Farmville Game There Is More To It Than Just The Farm

Author: Karen

Tips to improve your farm in Farmville

And an introduction to Farmville Secrets

When you first start playing FarmVille, you really have to focus on planting as many crops as you can and harvesting them as soon as they are ready. You want to plant on as much land as possible in order to earn coins and experience points quickly. After all, that is the only way to move up and increase your options for game play.

Once you have gotten to some of the higher levels, however, there are many things you can do with your property besides farming it. In fact, you may find that your plowed plots are becoming less and less of the focus of the farm as a whole. There is nothing wrong with this, and in fact, there are a few distinct benefits that come from shifting your emphasis away from straight farming as you level up.

Okay, but where do you direct this energy then? In fact, you have several options, and each of those options has its own pros and cons. A lot of what you decide to do will have to do with your own personal preferences and priorities, but there are a few areas of interest that are worth keeping in mind.

Why Cows and Chickens?

Animals take up space and they can be somewhat tedious to collect from. Dairy farms and chicken coops takes away a lot of these complications when it comes to cows and chickens though. Other animals may still be cumbersome to keep, but the cows and the chickens can help you create a steady income stream in no time as long as you have these structures to put them in. They make collecting easier and they take up much less space than the animals themselves would if they were left to their own devices.

Do You Have Room For Your Buildings?

Setting some land aside to put up buildings on is also a good way to develop your farm as you level up. Not only will buildings add to the pleasing overall appearance of your property, but also putting them up gets you a considerable amount of experience. Some buildings are also useful for either keeping animals (as discussed above), or for storage of excess inventory. Either way, though, making building up your farm a priority will help you level up more quickly, as well as improving the overall aesthetic quality of your property.

Decorations Make Your Farm Special

The higher the level you reach, the more options you will have for the decorations you can put up. You will also notice that new decorations will become available depending on the season or approaching holiday. Because of this, you can really alter the look of your farm with decorations depending on what mood strikes you at the time.

In addition, by taking advantage of the new storage buildings available, you can switch up your farm’s look by taking some items out of storage and putting others away for a later time. Plus, selling off old decorations and buying new ones is a good way to rack up some easy experience points without having to wait for the next harvesting and planting cycle.

All the tips, cheats and tricks in one guide!

The above are basic tips to help you in FarmVille. If you still have questions and looking for answers you should look at my review of FarmVille Secrets. We tested this guide in Farmville to see if it lived up to its claims.

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Farmville Facebook Do You Have Enough Storage Space? Clean out Your Sheds And Barns!

FarmVille Facebook Making the Best Use of Your Storage Space in FarmVille

Author: Karen

Farmville Facebook Do You Have Enough Storage Space? Clean out Your Sheds And Barns!

Whether you are a FarmVille rookie or a seasoned veteran, you likely know how quickly you can run out of space on your farm. You get so many gifts that you want to display, but you also need to have room for your animals and crops so that you can continue to earn a healthy income. And no matter how much you’re able to expand your farm, it just never seems to be big enough to allow you to keep and display all of the items you want.

Lucky for all of us though, FarmVille has added storage buildings so that you have a place to put some of those special items that you don’t want to lose, but don’t have room to display at the moment either. This is especially useful because buying decorations and other items does not just make your farm look better – it gives you experience points too.

Right Balance Of Items And Storage

What all of this means is that you want to be able to buy as many items as you can so that you can quickly rack up those experience points. And of course, while taking in the number of experience points an item will get you is important, it’s also important to buy the items that you think will add the most aesthetically to your farm.

You’ll quickly find, however, that no matter how good the items you buy look individually, it’s hard to make them all look good when they’re jammed together because you simply had no space left to display them properly. That is when you can take advantage of your storage buildings.

Building Space

Of course, the amount of space you have available for storage will depend on the number of storage buildings you have. In addition, that will depend on how much space you have to put up those buildings. With a little careful planning, though, you can make this arrangement work out thoroughly to your advantage.

Really, all you have to do is set aside some space on your farm for your storage buildings to be. Do not worry – they look like they belong on a farm anyway. For example, you can use a barn or a shed as a storage building, so do not worry that the buildings themselves will be an eyesore. Also, you can pick the type of building you want based on what will look best on your farm. Putting up the buildings will get you a good measure of experience too, so they actually benefit you in a couple of ways.

What to Store

You can certainly put up extra buildings to store more stuff as you accumulate it. But at a certain point, you’ll have to start choosing what to store and what to sell off. After all, the whole point of having storage buildings is to create some extra space on your farm. You do not want to just turn around and fill up that space you worked so hard to create. You will be able to buy most items again if you want them later on, so the best ones to store are generally things that are seasonal in nature and will not be available to purchase the next time you want to be able to display them.


  • Barns and Tools sheds store your items
  • You can also hide things behind trees!
  • Lambs – currently you can only store 100 of them
  • Special Holiday storage can hold approx 60 presents that you can open Dec 24th-27th

Things change quickly in the FarmVille game and since many people are complaining about storage problems, more options may become available soon.

There are so many ways to improve your farm in the FarmVille game and people are searching daily for answers.

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FarmVille Facebook Fuel and Equipment worth it?

FarmVille Facebook Fuel and Equipment worth it?

Tractors, Harvesters, And Seeders Who Needs Them?

When you take into account the cost of FarmVille fuel to run the tractors, Harvesters and Seeders many players are wondering it is worth getting them.

When you first start playing FarmVille, you will have no choice but to plant, harvest, and plow by hand. As your farm grows and you move up to new levels, however, you will have the opportunity to purchase some farm equipment to make it possible for you to get your farm chores done more efficiently. This certainly sounds like a sensible thing to do, but before you rush out and buy all of the available equipment (harvester, seeder, and plower), it is a good idea to sit down and figure out if all of these items are really worth the cost in the long run.

Basic Purchase Price

The first thing to remember is that farm machinery does not come cheap. Each of the pieces of equipment available to you will run you 30,000 coins. That is a considerable chunk of change, and you will want to make sure that buying a seeder, for example, does not leave you with no money left to buy the seeds you want to plant with it.

In addition, you are probably not going to be able to buy all three machines at once (for reasons of cost and because they are unlocked at different levels). Because of this, though, it is a good idea to take into account, which machines you will actually use the most and get that one first.

Think which chore you find the most boring to do by hand – I like the harvester because for me that was the most boring to sit and click.

There is nothing wrong with buying these vehicles as long as you are going to get a good amount of use out of them and have room to store them.

Fuel Costs Can Add Up

Another thing you will have to keep in mind when you are contemplating the purchase of some heavy farm equipment is that the purchase price is not necessarily the whole cost of the machine. Depending on the size of your farm, you will use up your fuel quickly with these heavy machines – especially if you have more than one.

All your equipment will use the fuel from your one tank!

Be aware that your one tank of fuel is enough to harvest approximately 150 plots. That is not for each piece of equipment but shared by all of them.

If your farm is bigger than what your equipment can cover on one tank of fuel, then, you will have to consider the benefits of purchasing fuel refills. These refills are available in several sizes, ranging from a single tank to 50 of them, but you can only pay for them with Farm Cash. And because this particular type of currency can be pretty hard to come by, those refills get expensive awfully quickly. You can of course pay out real cash for them.

You also need to be aware that currently the fuel refills are a one time use – they do not fill up again so once you have used the fuel they are gone. You will still have your main fuel tank that will refill.

Of course, you can always wait for your tank to fill up again on its own. That does not cost you anything. They take approximately 6 hours to fill up from empty.

However, if you are trying to care for a large farm, you may quickly become frustrated waiting for your fuel to accumulate before you can use your farm equipment again.

Fuel is also available in those wonderful mystery golden eggs – encourage your friends and neighbors to send you gifts.

Staggered Plantings Can help Save Fuel

One way around this is to plant a variety of crops that all mature at different rates. That way, you will never have to plow, plant, and harvest your whole farm at once. As long as you give your machines enough time between usages to refuel naturally, you will never have to spend a dime on gas. The only trick to this system is making sure that you are not missing out on using them when you’d like to just because you don’t have any gas. Moreover, the best way to make sure that does not happen is to plan your plantings well.

My advice is if you have room and the cash to buy the tractors, seeders and harvesters then go for it. They can save you a lot of time and clicking. Just make sure that you time the usage so that you do not run out of fuel.

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FarmVille Tips Mistakes To Avoid Now!

FarmVille Tips Mistakes To Avoid Now!

Author: Karen

I have to confess to being crazy in love with playing FarmVille. I was a big Mafia Wars fan and kept noticing posts about this farm game. Eventually I clicked on one of the links that one of my top mafia family had posted on FaceBook. Really, if they were playing then I felt it was about time I had a look.

To be honest I was not looking for another game to play – I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Umm, did not take me long to get into it and now I love trying to build up my farm.

Getting the hang of life in FarmVille is not all that complicated. You just harvest crops, plant a new batch, and buy a variety of items and buildings at the market. You want to pretty up your patch of land and farm. Making progress in FarmVille is not very hard, but there are some definitely some mistakes you should try to avoid like the plague.

Plowing your fields so you can grow your seeds

You already know that to make as much money as possible off your farm, you will need to clear a significant amount of land for crops. This is definitely the way to go, but you do have to be very smart about the way you do it. It costs lots of farm money to plow land as well as to buy the seeds to plant on it. If you use up all your money plowing extra land, you will have none left for buying the seeds. If you can’t plant crops, you won’t be able to make more money.

That is why it is important to make sure you can make use of all your available land before you start clearing more. Do not get plow happy! If you plant on all of the plowed plots of land you already have first, you will have a much better idea of how many more you will be able to afford to clear and plant on this time around. That way, you will get the most out of all of your available plots of land and be able to clear even more when it comes time for your next harvest.

Time Your Harvests – Do Not Leave Your Crops Alone

It is very tempting to plant a particular type of crop that offers a good return on your investment. You will not get that return, though, if you cannot get back in time to harvest your crops before they wither. When you are deciding what and when to plant, you have to consider your own schedule so that you can be sure you will be able to get back to your farm in time.

Now remember that crops mature at different rates. They also wither at different rates. For example, a crop that takes 4 hours to mature will wither after 8 hours. A crop that takes 2 days to mature, however, will not wither for 4 days. If you think you will not be able to get back to your farm before a certain kind of crop withers, you should not plant it. This can be hard because the benefits of some short-term crops can be tempting. However, just remember, if your crops wither before you can harvest them, you do not get anything out of that harvest at all.

It is natural to want to advance quickly and make more money, but you have to be realistic about how much time you have to devote to your farm. Getting overambitious will usually backfire on you. If you plan you harvesting cycles right and make sure to only clear as much land as you can make use of at any given time, though, you’ll be well on your way to success in FarmVille.

If you like, a lot of us are looking for more tips to help on your farm I recommend the FarmVille Secrets Guide. It is the first guide to ever be published for FarmVille on Facebook and is really changing the game for hundreds of players.

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Got Ribbons? How To Earn Ribbons in FarmVille

Got Ribbons? How To Earn Ribbons in FarmVille 


When you first start developing your farm in FarmVille, it’s easy to overlook the ribbons. You’ll earn a few incidentally as you plant and harvest your crops, and they give some nice bonuses, but most people don’t focus too much on these achievements. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor though, if you do take a closer look at the various ribbons available and what you need to do to earn them. Often it won’t take much of an adjustment to your game plan to get some ribbons under your belt and they give you a great advantage as you advance through the game.

Why You Want Ribbons 

You won’t be able to focus on earning ribbons if you don’t know what the criteria are for doing so. You can easily locate this information, though, by clicking on the ribbon icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Once you take a quick look at the different types of ribbons available and what you have to do to get them, you’ll see why it’s easy and worthwhile to focus on earning ribbons.

Basically, any of the tasks you complete in the game will eventually earn you a ribbon. You can accelerate the process, though, if you know what to focus on. For example, say you’re unsure about whether to buy another cow or branch out into shepherding.

Knowing that you can earn a ribbon for collecting goods from different types of animals might make your decision a little easier. It costs you a few hundred coins more to buy the sheep initially, but you’ll likely wind up with a bonus in the thousands once you achieve the ribbon. That’s a pretty good return on your investment.

Getting the Most

Acquiring as many neighbors as you can is the best thing to focus on first when you’re trying to earn ribbons. On top of the fact that you can earn the Local Celebrity ribbon just by having a certain number of neighbors, they can help you earn quite a few other ribbons too.

You can earn the Good Samaritan ribbon by helping out on your neighbors’ farms. Because you can only help each neighbor once a day, though, you’ll earn this ribbon faster the more neighbors you have. Having a lot of neighbors will also make it much easier to master categories like the Not Spoiled, Gifted! Ribbon. You earn these ribbons by receiving a certain number of unique gifts, and the more neighbors you have, the more gifts you’ll get.

It’s Worth Your Time

It really isn’t hard to rack up some ribbons quickly, but it can do you a lot of good in FarmVille. All it takes is a little bit of time and focus, and you’ll be well on your way towards earning some great bonuses in the form of both coins and experience points. This will give you a great boost when it comes to advancing to higher levels, as well as the cash to buy the new items you unlock when you do. The crops in the higher levels will also allow you to earn more coins more quickly, giving you even more cash to invest back into your farm.

Looking For More FarmVille Tips?

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FarmVille Crop Tips How Are Your Artichokes?

FarmVille Crop Tips How Are Your Artichokes?


When you’re playing FarmVille, it’s fun to experiment with different crops and planting patterns. And since you’ll always be selling crops for more than you paid for the seeds, you’ll always be making money. You won’t always be making a lot, though. The crops that sell for a lot can often cost a lot as well. If you’re not careful about what you plant, you won’t be able to save up for those other decorations and buildings you’ve been looking forward to buying. There are several different factors that contribute to the profitability and desirability of a particular crop, and it’s a good idea to keep these in mind when you’re making your planting decisions.

 Investment Return

One important element to take into consideration when deciding what type of crops to plant is how much of a difference there is between the seed price and the price your harvest will fetch at the market. Some crops, like soybeans, will get you back more than 4 times your initial investment, while others will return less than 2. It’s obviously more advantageous to get the most back when you can, but there are other factors to consider as well.

 Earnings Per Hour

Since different types of crops take different amounts of time to grow, they’ll be earning you different amounts of coins per hour. If you want to get the most out of your plowed land, you’ll want to make sure you’re planting the crops that will earn you the most each hour.

 It’s nice to harvest a crop like artichokes, which sell for over 200 coins per plot of cultivated land. But it takes 4 days for these plants to mature, so your earnings per hour is not very high. Raspberries, on the other hand, will get you over 40 coins every 2 hours. This will give you a handsome benefit with a quick turnaround time, and the opportunity to replant and make more money quickly.


 Of course, planting a crop like raspberries won’t make you much money if you can’t get back to your farm in time to harvest them. Since these plants mature so quickly, they also wither quickly, and you’ll only lose money if you plant them and then don’t check on your farm for a day. While the earning potential and investment return of crops is always important, it’s also important to make sure your farm’s planting and harvesting needs are adaptable to your schedule.

Crops in FarmVille wither at the same rate that they mature. This means that a crop like raspberries that matures in 2 hours will wither 2 hours after that. Something like artichokes, on the other hand, will not wither for 8 days from the time you plant them.

Deciding which crops to plant doesn’t have to be an overly complicated decision. It’s good to put some thought into it, though, if you want your farm to prosper and grow. You’ll have a much more enjoyable farming experience if you make informed and reasonable decisions about which crops to plant when.

FarmVille Strategy Guide

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