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FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

FarmVille Game Video How To Get Cool 3D Rolling Hills

Exactly How To Add FarmVille Rolling Hills On Facebook, MySpace or iPhone 

This video shows you exactly how to add 3D Rolling Hills to your FarmVille farm. I am having a lot of fun adding 3D designs to my farm and wanted to share this video with you. Adding Rolling Hills is very easy to do and I think they look great on my farm.

Want to know how to add other cool 3D effects like Waterfalls, Pyramids, Lakes, House on the Hill, Wonders of the World and even harder ones? Then you might want to take a look here

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Exactly How To Build It

FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Everything You Need To know To Get Yours Built

In this post I have put together what building materials you will need and exactly how to build your Farmville game horse stable expansion. If you do not have your FarmVille horse stable built yet then read Exactly How To Build A FarmVille Horse Stable

Why expand your Farmville Horse Stable?

You can currently expand your horse stable to hold up to 40 horses. More horses mean you have a greater chance of finding Arborists, Farm Hands and foals so it makes sense to think about expanding.

Currently you can expand four times and each time you can add another five horses.

What building materials do you need for the FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion?

Just like when you built your FarmVille horse stable you will need 10 each of the following:

  • Wooden Bricks
  • Nails
  • Bricks
  • Horseshoes
  • Harnesses

How to start your FarmVille Horse Expansion

When you are ready to expand just open your Horse Stable

  • Click the expand button
  • You will get a pop-up – share with your friends and neighbors
  • The Free Gifts page will then open
  • Any building materials from your friends will be there
  • Horse Stables menu now has a expand button
  • Expand button will show you what building materials you still need to complete your expansion

How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Expansion Materials

Just like when you were building your horse stable your neighbor’s will each be able to send building supplies

  • The gifts are random for each player
  • After clicking, the use button then building material gift will be added to your stable
  • Make sure you use your Ask For More button – you will find it inside your unfinished horse stable expansion
  • You can then select friends to send gift requests too asking them to gift any of your missing building supplies

Buying Your Horse Stable Expansion Materials

If you are in a hurry to get your horse stable expansion built you can buy your materials from the market.

  • You will of course need a stack of farm cash
  • When you have purchase 10 of one item post a feed – first 10 neighbors to click it will get one of the same building item
  • Watch out for your rich neighbors feeds so you can also benefit
  • If you purchase 25 items in total you can then again post a feed and this time the first 10 neighbors will each receive a random building supply
  • Again watch out for your neighbors feeds
  • If you purchase a complete expansion then you can post a feed and 5 lucky neighbors will get a free grey horse

If you find you are short on cash check out our review of FarmVille Secrets guide.

How to get the Secrets to FarmVille?

FarmVille Secrets is a game guide that shows you all the tips and tricks you need to get the ultimate farm and the cash and coins to get your there. It is nothing to do with cheating and is not about bots. It gives you all the information you need to quickly move up the FarmVille levels legally, so will not get you banned from the game (bots will get you banned). Of course it also has free updates so you will always have all the current information to keep you on top of your game.

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Free FarmVille Mini Guide

Free FarmVille Mini Guide

Want A Free FarmVille Guide?

I found this and wanted to share it with you all before it is gone.

You get a 12 page FarmVille guide full of secret tips and pictures all for Free!

Take a look and grab it before it goes Free FarmVille Mini Guide

FarmVille Comment Box Love It or Hate It Farmville Has A Comment Box

Farmville comment box arrived in the Farmville game in March and for some people there is a love hate relationship with this new feature. Find out some of the funny but real reasons people hate the comment box and why there are some benefits that should not be ignored. 

Before the comment box arrived, we could communicate with other members by posting a sign. Sign posts are still available, but the comment box is designed to give us more options – perhaps too many. 

FarmVille Comment Box | What Is It All About 

Just in case you missed it, your comment box is located on the upper right corner of your Farmville screen.  When you click on it, you will see two tabs.

  1. Comments : Displays messages you or your visitors have posted for you
  2. Visits : Tells you which neighbors completed various tasks on your farm

 To post a message, type your note into the box above the comments and visits tab.

You can then either post the message to your comment box or as a sign post on your farm.

You do the same when you visit your neighbor’s farm except you also get the option for the comment to appear on their Facebook profile.

FarmVille Comment Boxes – Why do people hate them? 

I have heard from a lot people complaining about the new FarmVille comment box and have listed some of the top reasons (sorry but I found some to be a little funny) 

  • The comment box is way too big 
  • It is ugly 
  • How do I delete the comment box
  • Lack of Privacy: You can see posts made by other people on your friends’ farms, and they can read yours 
  • They miss the fun of leaving little messages on sign posts scattered around their farms 
  • Their ex girlfriend/boyfriend now can see that they visited their farm – whoops!
  • How do I delete a comment on a neighbors box (see above)
  • Do not like the idea that their neighbors now know that they visited but did not fertilize
  • The visitors and comment bubbles take up space and are annoying
  • Refuse to sign up for emails to get rid of bubbles because Zynga will know too much about them (ummm you are on Facebook dude!)

Well, I do agree with most of the complaints about the comment box. After all, it is big and there is now a sense of guilt when I pop in to see one of my neighbor’s farms and do not have time to do anything for them. 

FarmVille Comment Box – Reasons To Maybe Love And Even Benefit From Them 

  • You will know who has fertilized or fed your chickens, or who has sent you a gift.
  • (Ok, you already know who sent gifts from your acceptance page – but now you will not forget!)
  • You know who visited your farm (yep even your ex girlfriend) in the form of a pop-up telling you Sara fed your chickens.
  • If you had several visitors in your absence, it may only state that Sara and five others have fed your chickens.
  • You will know who visited your farm and did nothing.
  • Now you know which neighbors to visit and return the favor.

Chat, chat, chat – of course, you could just chat away with your friends and neighbors, ask for gifts, discuss FarmVille tasks, post a message on your friend’s profile or to make it exciting for others you could fight with your ex. 

If you have taken a break from Farmville and joined the real world for a short break, you can use your comment box to catch up on everything that had been happening while you were gone. 

For me the best part is being able to see which neighbors did tasks for me. I can then visit them first and do a few daily tasks without wasting time on the ones that never help me.

Of, course you could use the new guilt feeling to your advantage by fertilizing the crops of a non helpful neighbor and see if shames them into helping you in return.

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Article by Kaz Larson

Speed Leveling For New FarmVille Game Players

Speed Leveling For New FarmVille Game Players

Casual FarmVille players and FarmVille addicts are all searching for the best ways to maximize their playtime and level up faster. With all the various aspects involved in the game it is not surprising that new players are confused and are stuck on the lower levels. I have put together some speed leveling tips for new FarmVille players but they can help people at all levels. 

Leveling not only opens up new aspects of the game it brings in the most valued of all FarmVille items – Farm Cash. If you are looking for the way to move up the levels in the FarmVille game then these Speed Leveling tips aimed at the new FarmVille player should give you a good boost. 

For Speed Leveling You Need Lots Of Neighbors

Farmville is of course all about getting neighbors, after all this game was designed with Facebook in mind and Facebook is all about social networking.

Once you realize the importance of finding more neighbors, you will find that you will start speeding up the levels. Really if you think about it, it is not hard to get as many neighbors as you need. After all everyone is looking to add you as a friend because, they too need neighbors. Just hang out in FarmVille forums and you will soon find hundreds of posts from FarmVille players wanting to become your neighbor.

If you worried about all these new neighbors checking out your Facebook or MySpace profile then make sure, you change your privacy settings for your FarmVille friends.

Crops Mix It Up Strategy 

It can be hard to figure out if you should be spending time on crops that give lots of XP or crops that earn the coins. Many new players make the mistake of not focusing on crops that earn what you need. The best way to max out on both is to alternate each day. 

For example if you are trying to earn coins, then Super Berries would be your best choice.

They sell for 100 coins and harvest in two hours – they only catch is that they are rare. 

All berries are great for leveling. You generally get 288 EXP on a 12×12 farm every four hours. 

Do not get stuck trying to work out which crops to plant and harvest, instead work out your game playtime and alternate between max coin and XP crops. 

What About The Rest Of Your Farm 

It is easy to get so involved in planting and harvesting that you run out of time to earn from the rest of your farm. 

Rabbits, ducks, goats, horses, and the rest of the animals can give you a nice stack of coins.

Then there are the trees like banana and pomegranate that are all big earners. Ask your neighbors for gifts and start building your tree and animals up.

I cannot stress enough about asking neighbors for gifts – they will send them especially if you return the favor.

Tip for extra FarmVille XP’s 

  • If you can afford to buy hay bales, buy as many as you can.
  • They give you 5 XP each.
  • When you run out of storage space for the hay bales, then sell them
  • Then buy more. Sounds crazy but it gets you XP so try it. 

There are currently seventy levels in Farmville, with the seventieth level giving you the title of World Fair Champ.

Few people, if any, have owned out to such an achievement. However, a new FarmVille guide has just been released that is promising to help players get to the top faster than before.

The guide is FarmVille Perfect. After testing it in the FarmVille game, we reviewed it for you here

Want to see a level 70 Farm? Check it out! —->>>> farm at level 70 with over 40,000 coins! <<<<—-

Exactly How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Built

Exactly How To Get Your FarmVille Horse Stable Built

Tips on getting your FarmVille Horse Stable building materials

Pictures of FarmVille Horses and Ponies

With the additions of the horse stables, we now have a place to put our horses in the farmville game. About time since those horses take up a lot of valuable building space.

We all know that it is too easy to run out of space in FarmVille regardless of the size of your farm. So, with the release of the Horse Stables we can free up a bit of space for all the other goodies we want and they really help regardless of what level you are on.

FarmVille Clydesdale Horse FarmVille White Stallion

Space and Time Saving Advantages of the Horse Stables

Horse stables can hold up to 20 horses. Yep, just like the Chicken Coops and Dairy Farms you can currently only keep 20 animals in the Horse Stables. However, that is better than having 20 horses wondering around your farm and taking up space.

On top of the space saving advantages of building a stable there is also the added bonus of being able to harvest from all your horses at once. That will save a lot of time so you can deal with all your goats, pigs, sheep and other animals that you have to harvest individually.

Recap on space and time

  • Sables hold a maximum of 20 horses
  • Can harvest all your horses at once
  • Horses are harvestable after 24 hours

How to get your Horse Stable for your farm

The frame for the Horse Stable is in your gift box – yep, that part of it is free. However, to get it built you will need to gather your supplies. This is when it gets a little harder. You are given the first brick, but you will need nine more bricks. In addition, 10 each of wooden boards, harnesses, horseshoes, and nails to get your stable built.

Recap of required building materials for your Horse Stable

  • Horse Stable frame – free in gift box
  • 10 bricks (you get one free)
  • 10 Wooden boards
  • 10 Harnesses
  • 10 Horse Shoes
  • 10 Nails

Ok, before we get ahead of ourselves the Horse Stable takes up approximately Six plowed plots of land, so make sure you have cleared some space before you open the gift box.

FarmVille White StallionFarmVille Clydesdale Horse

Sourcing your materials from your friends and neighbors

The best way of getting the materials you need for your stable is hitting your friends and neighbors up for gifts. Post a feed on your wall asking your friends to help you with the horse stable and let them know what materials you need.

Each day everyone will get a couple of building materials as free gifts. So, you can send them to your friends and they can return the favor. Just be aware that the gifts are different for each player and change weekly so make sure you grab what you need when they are available.

Just like with every other free gift, after you accept it you will find it in your gift box. Clicking on the ‘use’ button will send your gift to your horse stable.

Recap on getting materials from friends and neighbors

  • Post a feed with the items you need
  • Up to 10 friends per day can click on the feed and send you an item
  • Everyone gets two of the materials in the Free Gifts tab
  • The two Free material gifts change every week
  • The materials are random so you will get different items from some of your friends
  • Make sure you gift your free materials to increase chances of getting what you need

Purchasing your horse stable materials

If you are really impatient, do not have enough friends and have a stash of FV cash then pop over to the market and buy your materials.

Each item currently costs 1 FV cash so to buy everything from the market will mean spending 50 FV cash. That is a lot of cash so do try to get some of them first and then maybe just buy the odd missing items. When you purchase items from the market they will automatically be stored in your stable.

Helping your neighbors out with their Horse Stable

  • Posting a feed on your wall announcing that you are setting up your stable and asking them to lend a hand gives any friends that help 100 coins.
  • When you have 25 building material items you will get a chance to post a feed to your wall. First ten neighbors to hit this feed will get a random Horse Stable building item
  • When your horse stable is complete, you will again be able to post a feed. The first five neighbors to hit this feed will get a free gray horse. You also get one when your stable is complete.

So, watch out for your neighbors feeds so that you can benefit from these bonuses too.

Once again it is important to have a lot of neighbors in FarmVille.

It also helps if you have earned a nice stash of cash. I know that FV cash is hard to get which is why I use the FarmVille Secrets guide to help me in my game. Check out my FarmVille Secrets review and see if it might help you move up the levels faster and get a stash of cash.

Ok, here is the link to my review of FarmVille Secrets –>><<– Enjoy!

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FarmVille Tips Feed Chickens Harvest Mystery Eggs

Since Chicken Coops first arrived in the FarmVille game, some players have been lucky enough to discover Mystery Eggs when they were harvesting their coops.  Feeding your friends’ coops increases your chances of finding these wonderful Mystery Eggs. Read on and find out how to increase your chances of harvesting mystery eggs and get your hands on the top of the range – Golden Mystery Eggs!


Chicken and Mystery Egg The Real Basics 

  • Chicken Coops hold up to 20 chickens – this is going to be expanded soon!
  • Eggs can be harvested once every 24 hours
  • Mystery Eggs are found when harvesting
  • They can be hatched by the friends and neighbors of the person who found them 


Better Chickens Makes For Better Eggs 

All chickens are not created equal. Depending on what chickens are in the coop will make a differance to which Mystery Egg you might find.

  • Normal white chickens in your coop will only produce white Mystery Eggs
  • If there is a Black or a Brown chicken introduced into the mix, Black or Brown Mystery Egg could be found. 
  • Golden Chickens in coop means that there will be a possibility of discovering a highly coveted Golden Mystery Egg
  • All Mystery Eggs contain a prize, of course, but the better the egg, the better the prize to be “hatched.” 


Make Sure You Share Your Mystery Egg Finds 

  • Remember, you won’t actually receive any benefit for finding a Mystery Egg 😦 
  • Post an announcement of the find on your wall so that your friends can each hatch an egg to collect a prize. 
  • But, every time one of your friends finds a Mystery Egg, you’ll be able to try your hand at hatching it. 


Feed Your Friends Chickens 

For a while now, it’s been possible to fertilize some of your neighbors’ crops when you make your daily visit to their farms.  This gives you the benefit of an extra opportunity to pick up Experience Points and also makes their harvesting more profitable in the Experience Point category as well.  Now there’s an extra task waiting for you when you stop by your neighbors’ farms, though, and that’s feeding the chickens.

Like fertilizing crops, feeding your neighbors’ chickens earns you a coin and Experience Point Bonus.  However, it also provides you with the opportunity to discover Mystery Eggs with each feeding.  And the more often the chickens in a given coop are fed, the more likely they are to produce Mystery Eggs.  Of course, this means that your friends will be more likely to find Mystery Eggs as well, giving you more chances to hatch one.  And even if you don’t find a Mystery Egg when you’re harvesting your coop after your friends have fed your chickens, you’re likely to come away with a hefty coin bonus.

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