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YoVille Game Tips Quickly Earn Max Coins Using Jobs Camera Pictures and Friends

YoVille Game Tips Quickly Earn Max Coins Using Jobs Camera Pictures and Friends

How To Use The YoVille Camera To Earn Coins

Just like in real life, earning coins is an essential part of the YoVille game. I have put together a few easy tips to help you learn how to earn coins in YoVille. If you are struggling to earn enough coins these tips will get you on your way to getting a nice coin stash and your apartment decorated. 

When you first start playing YoVille it is easy to get carried away enjoying all the activities like visiting neighbors, working in the factory, decorating your apartment, or messing around with your actions. However there comes a time (pretty quickly) that earning coins becomes a priority. Nearly everything you want to do will cost coins and it always seems like we are spending them quicker than earning them. So follow these tips so that you can buy and do the things, you really want. 

Off To Work You Go – But Which Factory Job Should You Do To Earn Coins

  • You get a coin bonus each time you check in (even if you do not work)
  • You can clock in every 6 hours
  • Punch into the factory 3 times a day (if possible)
  • You will earn experience points and coins from the jobs
  • Focus on jobs with highest coin payout
  • Weaving fabric is currently one of the fastest cash earners

Remember To Take Pictures On Your Coin Runs

  • Try to do this twice a day
  • Stand next to a friend and both perform an action
  • Take pictures of you and your friends doing an action
  • Make sure there are lots of items in the background
  • Make sure you have your (and your friends) avatar in the picture

When you next go back to the factory, you should have a new film so if you take pictures in the morning you could take them again later in the day.

Tip: I put all my free gifts and mystery gifts in a room in my apartment and a chair. Then 3 times a day I go there and take pictures. I average around 16 coins for this. Now if you have put these in a room that is not at level 10 you will get some coins when you level up. Oh, and take pictures of the party.

Use All Your YoVille Friends To Earn Coins

  • The more friends you have the higher the factory punch in bonus
  • Visit up to 25 friends a day and perform an action (do not forget to take a photo)
  • Click on your Facebook friends links – often. You can earn coins for helping in the factory, view their pictures to get film, view party pictures to earn coins

Play Games And You May Earn Coins

If you have a little time to spare you could play games but remember you will only earn coins if you win! But, if you have already maxed out then this is a great way to earn a little extra cash while waiting for you next factory shit.

Thinking Of Buying YoVille Cash? There Is A Better Way!

Earning coins in the YoVille game is very important and necessary – or you might be tempted to pay out real cash for your dream items. For most people this is not the most sensible route to take.

There is however and alternative – following a game guide that teaches you how to get through all the levels, is updated regularly (for free) and has an intensive coin earning guide. 

The guide is YoVille Secrets. The YoVille Secrets guide is helping hundreds of YoVille players every day.

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The YoVille Secrets guide is helping hundreds of YoVille players every day. 

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YoVille Three Quick Tips For More Experience Points and Faster Leveling in YoVille

YoVille – Three Quick Tips For More Experience Points and Faster Leveling in YoVille

How To Quickly Increase Your Experience Points

And Move Up Those YoVille Levels

Have you gotten to a point in your YoVille game on Facebook or MySpace that you want to start moving up in the levels? Are you aiming for a decoration or particular item to complete your apartment, and finding it is taking too long to get? Find out how to move up the levels in YoVille and get the experience points you will need to do it quickly.

Let’s face it, the first few levels are easy, and you can move through them pretty fast. There is so much to play around with and learn that at first what level you are on does not make a lot of difference. However, once you start getting into the game those experience points are harder to get enough of, and the levels take longer to get through. Now is the time to learn a few quick leveling-up tips.

It Is Time To Get To Work – Or Is It?

Clocking into work for a shift at the YoVille factory earns you experience point bonuses. Now, here is the fun part – you get those experience points even if you do not actually perform a job. How cool is that! Yep, even if you do not have time to do a job you should login to your account and clock in as often as you can. Now there is a little catch – YoVille will only let you do this once every six hours, but for a quick stack of experience points make good use of clocking in, even if you do not have time to play.

Time To Work – But What Job Should You Do

When you do have time to do a job at the factory you will notice that the sizes of the bonuses vary from job to job. You can earn both coins and experience points by working. Therefore, if you are trying to build up your coins, then opt for the jobs that give the most coins. It is the same with experience points, so choose your jobs wisely to get what you need.

Currently assembling fishing rods is the best job to earn experience points quickly, so it makes sense to do this job as often as possible when trying to move up the levels.

Hug, Kiss and Dance With Your YoVille Friends

Visiting your YoVille friends is another great way to earn those much needed Experience Points, so make sure you visit them as often as you can. It is fun too!

You just need to perform an action for your friend – Kiss, Hug, Dance for them etc. and you will earn some extra experience points. Remember that you can only collect a bonus from each friend once a day, however if you have many friends they soon add up. You can currently visit and earn experience point bonuses from 25 different friends a day, so get kissing and dancing for them.

This may seem like a lot of work but it is not only fun, it will not take much time either! So take advantage of this opportunity to earn easy points as often as possible.

Game On YoVille Friends – Play A Quick Game

While you are visiting your YoVille friends, playing a quick game with them is another way to boost your experience points so that you can move up the levels. Tic Tac Toe, or rock, paper, scissors – there are lots to choose from so start playing, because each time you win a game you will receive a bonus of 5 experience points. All the games are fun and before you know it you will be racking up those experience points.

Keep Moving Up Those YoVille Levels

As you can see, the little things will help you to earn those experience points and get you moving up the levels. None of these takes a lot time and if you start using these tips as often as possible you will soon be acquiring those YoVille decorations and items you are aiming for and be on your way to having a fantastic apartment.

The secret to learning all the tips you will need in YoVille

The above basic tips will get you on the right track; however, it is so important in this game to have everything set-up correctly. Moving up the levels and earning those important experience points is necessary especially if you want to decorate your apartment with all those wonderful items. YoVille Secrets is a legal strategy guide created to teach you how to move up all the levels. It shows you how to aim for and get all the items you need, coins, and experience points as quickly as possible.

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YoVille How to Use Your YoVille Actions Menu

How to Use Your YoVille Actions Menu

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your YoVille Actions Menu

One of YoVille’s most fun features is the assortment of different actions you can perform with your character when you interact with your fellow players. This action menu is a highly interactive option that allows you to dance, play around, or make funny faces and postures with your friends.

Whether you are just standing around and trying to entertain your fellow players, or you are interested in completing the missions the game has to offer, the YoVille actions menu will become a staple that you will grow very familiar with in short order.

How to Use the YoVille Actions Menu

The actions menu is located right below the game screen and has an icon on it of your Yo performing a physical activity. Just click on it to get a full list of all your options. They are split-up into categories to make it easier to find them, and you can choose the most popular options from the main menu when you first click on it. If you use the same activity a lot, this will make it much easier to go about finding who and what they each include.
How to Get More Items on the YoVille Actions Menu

To get more actions on your action menu, you simply need to start leveling up your character. You can also buy other actions with your YoVille cash, but that can get pricey and is largely unnecessary as any actions you will actually need for the game will come from the leveling up you do.

Throughout the game, every 2-5 levels, you will unlock a new action that can be tacked on to your menu and performed whenever you like. These range from goofy teenage things to more advanced physical activities. If you are having trouble unlocking more by leveling up, focus on getting as much XP as possible by buying and selling items such as food.

Start Playing Around With Your Action Menu

The YoVille actions menu is a great tool that opens up new options in a game that thrives on relationships between you and your friends. If you are serious about creating a game experience that will allow you to stand out and have fun with everyone that you play the game with, then you need to be taking advantage of each and every one of the actions that are at your disposal.

Learn how to measure out your energy use though or you may start to burn through it all before you can get anything done.  

YoVille Secrets Cheat Guide – The results of our tests are in

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